[Effects and contraindications of Rizhao green tea]_action_taboo

[Effects and contraindications of Rizhao green tea]_action_taboo

Rizhao green tea is a very famous tea product, which is loved by many tea lovers.

However, Rizhao green tea is not easy to buy in the market. People always hope to buy Rizhao green tea through various channels.

The real Rizhao green tea is sweet and delicious, and has good health effects. Drinking Rizhao green tea often can not only moisturize the skin, but also refresh your breath.

So, what are the benefits and contraindications of Rizhao green tea?

First, refreshing and thinking: Tea drinking can promote excitement, because tea contains a lot of chemicals, one of which is caffeine. This substance can make people refreshed, increase their consciousness, and improve work efficiency.

Second, Shengjin quenches thirst, tea can moisturize the mouth, tea contains carbohydrates and other substances.

These substances can relieve heat and refresh the body.

Third, in addition to smoking and sobering up, drinking tea can relieve toxins inhaled by smoking; it can neutralize alcohol, prevent poisoning, and promote the elimination of alcohol from the body.

Fourth, sterilization and anti-inflammatory, the rich vitamin B2 in tea can inhibit metabolic disorders and inflammation of the tongue.

Polyphenols in another type of tea can inhibit the growth and growth of cholera, typhoid, gastroenteritis and other pathogens. Substituting green tea can shrink, fuse and heal.

Fifth, strong eyesight, tea is rich in fluorine, which can prevent the occurrence of dental caries; tea can inhibit the reduction of calcium and play a role in protecting the teeth. Drinking more green tea helps protect the eyes, and it has certain effects on cataracts and night blindnessPreventive effect.

Sixth, clearing heat and detoxifying, tea-like cold can clear heat; the polyphenols in tea have a thorough adsorption effect on heavy metals, which can eliminate the toxic effects of heavy metals in water and food.

Drinking green tea often can remove toxins from the body and purify intermediates to keep you healthy.

Seven, to get tired of digestion, vitamin groups in tea can promote metabolism and promote digestion.

Drinking tea helps digestion, and drinking strong tea helps expel excess.

Eight, diuretic and laxative, tea drinking can promote urination, have a clear healing effect on dysentery, and have a therapeutic effect on habitual and neuroconstipation.

Nine, anti-cancer, anti-radiation, tea is rich in vitamin C, has prostate scurvy, enhances resistance to help fight cancer and prevent arteriosclerosis.

Drinking tea has an interventional effect on the formation of carcinogenic nitroso compounds in the human body. Drinking strong green tea transforms patients with reduced white blood cells after radiation and increases the number of white blood cells.

Ten, anti-aging, prolong life, tea is rich in nutrients and minerals, these nutrients in the human body to enhance resistance, delay aging and other effects, often drinking green tea is beneficial to prolong life.