[Chinese herbal formula for weight loss]_Slimming effect_Slimming effect

[Chinese herbal formula for weight loss]_Slimming effect_Slimming effect

For people who need to lose weight, they can’t ignore every way to lose weight, especially some people who want to lose weight but are very lazy. They generally don’t like sports, so they can only passSome medications and diets are used to lose weight.

And many people use Chinese herbal medicine to lose weight, because the side effects of Chinese herbal medicine are generally relatively small, and the harm to the human body will be relatively small, so what will the formula of Chinese herbal medicine lose weight?

Recipes enjoy lean Chinese medicine formula one: 1.

Mulberry leaves 10 grams 2.

Lily 10g 3.

Mulberry 10g 4.

Asparagus 10 grams 5.

Cassia 10 g 6.

Senna 10 (2-3 grams can be added as needed): Pour the medicine into the freshly boiled leeches for a few minutes.

Can be used as tea, drink at least a large cup each morning and evening.

Take one dose a day, or two doses a day for one week.

Principle: The effect of this remedy is to help scrape oil from the body and clean up the stomach. After using reorganization, you will feel that your appetite will shrink.

Reminder: Do not diet while taking, but avoid spicy and irritating foods.

Do n’t overeating after eating, and eat more light food.

It is best not to take it if you are on a business trip or work, because it will increase the frequency of going to the toilet.

Women can add 10 grams of red dates to their original period.

Recipes to enjoy lean Chinese medicine formula two:

2 g of ginger peel.

Chenpi 3g 3.

Mulberry skin 3 grams 4.

4g Reminder: Add 500ml of water to the pot each time you fry and bring it to a boil.

If you take it for five days, you can lose 9 kg.

Recipes enjoy thin Chinese medicine formula 3: 1.

Cassia 1 2 2.

Hawthorn 2 money 3.

Psyllium 3 money 4.

Chenpi 2 money 5.

He Shouwu 1 money and a half 6.

Licorice 1 money 7.

Qian Shell 1 Qian Principle: Cassia seed has the functions of clearing the liver and clearing eyes, moisturizing the bowel and purging.

Hawthorn promotes digestion.

Psyllium is beneficial for water, lungs, eyesight, and expectorant.

Chenpi can pass through the intermediates to dispel heat.

Ho Shou Wu Yixue, laxative, and detoxification.

Licorice moisturizes the lungs and relieves cough, clears heat, and nourishes the spleen and stomach.

The shell has the effect of dredging the meridians and eliminating flatulence, and is used for chest pain and indigestion.

I heard that this formula is a traditional Chinese medicine weight loss recipe taken by Wong Fei Wang after giving birth, with significant effects.

Recipe 4: 1.
Two ugly 25 grams 2.
Fried grass Cassia, diarrhea, atractylodes 10 grams each 3.

Hawthorn, 20 grams of Shouwu each.

How to eat: Shangyao Research is fine, and honey refining is a pill.
30 capsules, and strengthen exercise, can eliminate food and stasis, lose weight and fat.

Principle: Fang Zhong’s ugly “treat evil qi block, facilitate defecation, remove water and gas, and swell”, “can relieve wind, also fill swollen, Jiufu exhilarating body weight loss”.

The hawthorn in the medicinal materials eliminates food and removes blood stasis, Shouwu replenishes kidney and fills essence, cassia seeds intestines and laxative, and lowers serum.

Recipe 5: 1.

30 grams each of seaweed, prunella, and rice kernel 2.

10 grams of white mustard 3.

Hawthorn 15g 4.

Zexie, Yin Chen, Bupleurum 10 grams each 5.

6 grams of licorice.

How to eat: Decoction with water, 1 dose daily.

Principle: The formula of phlegm and fat elimination, spleen and dampness, conditioning Qi, is suitable for the treatment of female obesity.

Recipe 6: 1.

Shouwu, Zexie each 20 grams 2.

Epimedium, astragalus, raw hawthorn, Laizizi, peanut shell 30 grams each 3.

Atractylodes rhizome, 15 grams each.

How to eat: Decoction with water, one dose a day, drink before the meal-bowl of soup, and then eat.

It can reduce the amount of meals and can be used continuously for more than 2 months.

Principle: This formula warms yang and dissolves fat, strengthens the spleen and qi, and helps to lose weight, and is suitable for all types of obesity.

Recipes enjoy lean Chinese medicine formula 7: 1.

Chenpi 10g 2.

Pinellia ternata 10g 3.

15 grams 4.

Licorice 6 g 5.

Woody fragrance 10 g 6.

Cangzhu 10g 7.

Atractylodes 10 g 8.

Incense sticks 9 grams 9.

Chuanxiong 9 grams 10.

Angelica 12 grams.

How to eat: Decoction with water, one dose daily.

Principles: Fang Zhong Cang Zhu dryness and spleen, wood fragrant Qi, Xiangfu Shugan qi; Chuanxiong blood circulation, Qi Angelica blood and blood.

Playing spleen, dampness, phlegm, qi and blood circulation can help women to lose weight effectively.