Pharmacy storage requirements

Pharmacy storage requirements

Any medicinal liquor purchased from the pharmacy or prepared by yourself, if stored and stored poorly, will not only affect the therapeutic effect of the medicinal liquor, but also cause deterioration or contamination of the medicinal liquor, and thus cannot be reused.

Therefore, it is necessary for people who take medicinal liquor to have a basic knowledge of storing and storing medicinal liquor.

  Generally, the general requirements for storing medicinal liquor are: 1.

All containers that are ready to be prepared or dispensed with medicinal wine should be cleaned and then sterilized with sweat to store the wine.


The medicinal liquor prepared by the family should be sealed in a glass bottle with a long neck and a big belly, or in a container with other lids.


The storage of medicinal wine should be selected in a cool place where the temperature does not change much, and the room temperature is 10?
15 ° C is good.

Can not be mixed with gasoline, kerosene and irritating odors, so as to prevent the medicinal wine from spoiling and odor.


Avoid direct sunlight when storing medicinal wine in the summer, so as to avoid the destruction of the active ingredients in the medicinal liquor, so that the efficacy of the medicinal liquor is reduced.


Home-made medicinal wine should be labeled, and the name, function and preparation time, dosage, etc. of the medicinal liquor should be written to avoid confusion, trouble, or misuse of the wrong drink.