Don’t owe nutrition debt to sugar friends

Don’t owe “nutrition debt” to sugar friends

Friendly Tips According to the latest random survey conducted by the China Diabetes Rehabilitation Society, more than 80% of the patients think that the control diet is a rough tea, which is not dare to eat, and it can not be eaten.
In fact, strict diet control is only to reduce the amount of glucose in the body, only a temporary means to reduce blood sugar.
This is done at the expense of reducing the nutrition and energy in people with diabetes.
  People with diabetes often feel powerless and weak limbs. The important reason is that the cells in the body are seriously deficient in energy and nutrition.
Every day, the human body needs certain nutrients and energy to maintain its metabolism.
If people can’t get enough nutrients every day, the body’s metabolism will be disordered, the cells will wither, the disease resistance will decline, and the complications of diabetes will take advantage of it.
The nutritional basis of diabetes is based on a balanced diet, which is especially important for people with diabetes.
  The so-called “balance” means that five major types of foods such as grains, vegetables and fruits, meat and eggs, milk beans and oils should be taken daily, and the ratio is balanced.
Use these foods as the basis of each meal, such as pods, lentils, broad beans, wheat, rice, fresh fruits (without sugar), and vegetables.
A small supply of complete protein foods such as fish, seafood, eggs, lean meat, skinless chicken, nuts, low fat cheese, yogurt, milk.
The least amount of fat, sugar and wine, such as fat, butter, oil.