The entertainment life of the elderly is more suitable for the selection of musical instruments.

The entertainment life of the elderly is more suitable for the selection of musical instruments.

Uncle Zhang, who lives in Haidian District, Beijing, recently fell in love with playing the flute.

Sometimes everyone walks and chats in the small garden downstairs, and Zhang Uncle will take out the flute to give everyone a “Usuli Boat Song” to win the applause of everyone.

For a long time, Uncle Zhang found that his own strength was not enough. Sometimes he had to take a few songs to rest, and several old friends would not lose interest because of the old school. The “old-fashioned flute class” planned to be aborted.

  Song Wei, an expert in instrumental music at Harbin Normal University, said that the flute-type instruments are not suitable for the elderly. Such instruments need to be vibrated by the flute, etc., and the time will be “injury”, which will damage the health of the elderly.And such instruments have higher requirements for breath, need to carry out the physiological laws of breathing, master the correct method of blowing, and have a long time to get started, which is not suitable for the elderly.

If you really want to learn, the cucurbit is good, the breath you need is relatively opposite in all the wind instruments, the fingering is easy to master, and the entry is easy. Generally you can learn a few songs a month.

Blowing cucurbits with a notation does not require much knowledge of music.

  Under the rankings, older friends can learn more plucked instruments, such as pianos in Western instruments, accordions, traditional Chinese erhu, pipa and so on.

Studies by Swiss scholars have found that practicing plucked instruments helps the elderly achieve physical coordination and reduces the chance of wrestling in their lives.

Take erhu as an example. When pulling erhu, the left and right hands are alternately light, heavy, slow, urgent, just right. The fingers are related to the human heart and brain nerves, and the fingers are flexibly moved. It can promote the blood circulation of the human peripheral nerves and reduce the heart.The reflux and blood supply pressure, as well as the harmonious grasp of breathing and music rhythm, the heart function also got a good aerobic exercise.

Ancient medical records: “The spleen is good music, the silk bamboo is smelled, and the spleen is honed.

“The spleen and stomach also like to listen to music.”

Music such as feminine erhu can effectively promote the secretion of digestive glands and help digestion.

  In addition, the introduction time of such plucked musical instruments is short, and the practitioners have low requirements for music and are relatively easy to learn.

Experts pointed out that the elderly learn musical instruments mainly to add interest to the rich life of the old age, and do not require high speed in practice.