[How to control the amount of milk powder for babies?

New moms come to learn!

】 _Milk powder_Baby and toddler_How to eat

[How to control the amount of milk powder for babies?
New moms come to learn!
】 _Milk powder_Baby and toddler_How to eat

Many young couples face their children alone. Due to their lack of experience, they will encounter many problems in the process of raising their babies. Many young people do not know how much milk powder to feed their babies. In fact, there is a lot of scientific knowledge in it.Age, taking into account the situation of breastfeeding, a variety of factors are combined to determine the replacement amount of milk powder.

First, how to arrange the amount of milk powder for newborns is usually 20-30ml at the beginning, but the specific situation depends on the amount of milk consumed by the newborn, and the milk amount can be gradually increased.

In fact, the baby will not suck as long as it is full, so the mother should not force him.

The feeding amount is usually marked on the milk powder box. It is best to eat according to the above description. You cannot use the measuring spoon inside to change tools.

In the first few days of the baby’s birth, the milk volume can be calculated based on the baby’s weight per kilogram, 100-200 ml of formula milk is given daily, every 3-3.

Feed once every 5 hours and 7-8 times a day.

After the baby is full to two months, the milk volume gradually increases according to weight, fed 6-7 times a day, at intervals of 3 each time.

For 5-4 hours, eat about 80-120 ml per meal, and you can eat up to 150 ml.

Calculate the amount of milk powder when the baby is completely consumed with milk powder.

Hereafter, a simple calculation method is introduced: Calculate according to the weight of the baby, and add 500 grams of whole milk powder per month for one month. If an infant weighs 6 kilograms, add 3,000 grams of milk powder per month, which is equivalent to commercially available milk powder6 bags.

How much is appropriate each time, it is best to read the milk powder product manual carefully.

If the baby weighs 3 kg, you need 3 × 150 ml of milk = 450 ml of milk. Divide the volume by the number of tons to get the milk volume per meal.

The volume is 450-480 ml, divided into 7-8 intakes, each meal is 60-70 ml.

It is increased in this proportion for five or six months.

For infants from 15 days to the full moon, if the digestion is normal, they can eat pure milk, nearly 100-150 ml per kilogram of body weight, and about 60-100 ml per meal.

Second, as the infant’s body grows rapidly, the infant’s milk intake will also increase rapidly.

For young parents, it is important to know how much milk powder your baby should consume every day.

There are some preliminary suggestions for this.


On-demand intake: When the baby is born, the digestive system is not well developed, so the food intake is limited.

Regardless of any possible method, generally speaking, there are different dogmas. Eat as you go, and replace as needed.


Pay attention to the gradual principle: for newborns, you need to eat 7-8 times a day, with an interval of about 3 hours.

Mom and dad should pay attention to the principle of gradual and gradual progress. On the first day, each feeding will be 15-20 ml, starting from the next day in 10-15 ml increments, until 60 ml each time.

After the baby can accept this amount of food, use the method of increasing every other day, every other day, you can increase 10-15 ml, and finally reach 90 ml each time.

After about a week, the frequency of feeding can be reduced to 5-6 times a day.


Pay attention to the circadian rhythm of the digestive system: even in newborns, the digestive system has a relatively clear cyclic rhythm, that is, the digestive system’s emptying speed during the day is significantly faster than at night.

Therefore, the interval of feeding at night should be slightly longer.


Control daily feeding weight: Considering that the baby’s stomach capacity and digestive ability are very limited, under this recommendation, the volume of the baby’s daily milk should not exceed 1000 ml, and it should be given in 5-6 times to prevent the baby’s stomach and stomachHeavy, or caused by excessive nutrition.

Third, the milk formula for newborns In order for the healthy growth of the baby, parents need to carefully arrange the amount of milk powder for the baby.

Most of the commercially available milk powder boxes indicate the amount of feeding. In most cases, this standard can be used to meet the baby’s physical and intellectual development needs.

Moreover, a measuring spoon is often provided in the milk powder packaging box. According to the instruction of the milk powder, use this measuring spoon to scoop the milk powder. It is better not to change the tools casually.In the case of full use of milk powder for artificial feeding, there can be an alternative method to calculate the amount of milk powder: According to the weight of the baby, 1 kg of full-fat milk powder is consumed every 2 kg of body weight per month.

In the first few days after birth, the baby can consume about 100-200 ml of formula milk per day, and it needs to be fed every 3 hours or so, about 7-8 times a day.

After the full moon, your baby’s appetite is soaring and her appetite is increasing.

You can eat 80-120 ml or even 150 ml at a time, feeding 6-7 times a day.

Theoretically, the baby should consume 150 ml of milk per kilogram of body weight per day, divided into 7-8 times.

Within 15-30 days of birth, the baby can also consume pure milk as appropriate.

Calculated based on 100-150 milliliters per kilogram of body weight per day. For infants weighing 3 kilograms, 300-450 milliliters of milk are required daily.

Based on 60 ml each time, feed 5-8 times a day.