[Double pepper burst crispy belly]_ practices _ steps

[Double pepper burst crispy belly]_ practices _ steps

Shuangjiao crispy belly is a food made with pork belly, green pepper, and red bell pepper as its main ingredients. It is also a popular home-cooked dish. This is because Shuangjiao crispy belly has good taste, andThere is also a wealth of nutritional value. If you eat more, it can promote human health and ensure human nutrition and nutrition balance.

Below, I will introduce the specific method of Shuangjiao burst crispy belly for everyone!

I. Food Introduction A kind of food that Shuangjiao Crispy Belly belongs to. The main raw materials are pork belly, green, red bell pepper, ginger, green onion, old soy sauce, raw soy sauce, Shexian bean paste, spicy bean paste, etc.The dishes are very delicious.

Second, the production materials: pork belly, green, red bell pepper, ginger, green onions, old soy sauce, raw soy sauce, Shexian bean paste, spicy bean paste, vinegar, edible alkali, flour.

Third, the production method: 1. Fresh pork belly, first rub with vinegar and flour repeatedly, and then rinse with water to wash away impurities 2. The pork belly makes its surface particularly mucus. Turn over this side, pour some vinegar, and flour.Knead, wash out mucus, rinse repeatedly; 3, adjust 200g of water and 10g of alkali into alkaline water, soak pork belly in alkaline water, soak for about 1 hour, turn the pork belly over and re-soak; 4,Wash the soaked pork belly with water, pour out the mucus, and then wash it again and again. You will see that the pork belly is washed whiter and washed until there is no alkaline taste. 5. Boil water in the pot and put inGinger slices and spring onions, do not add pork belly water when boiling; 6, cook for about 10 minutes, the pork belly shrinks and hardens, remove the drained water, and soak in cold water; 7, change the pork belly to a knifeForm into a strip, then soak in clear water, wash, wash out some grease, and drain the water.

8. Cut the green and red pepper into strips, chopped ginger, and slice the green onion; 9. Pour the oil in a hot pot, pour the ginger, green onion, 2 spoons of Xianxian bean paste, 1 spoon of spicy bean paste, stir-fry, and add the green red pepperStir fry; 10, pour into pork belly, drizzle almost old soy sauce, raw soy sauce, stir fry and taste, sprinkle a little salt and stir well.

Fourth, Tips 1, when buying, you can look at, choose a slightly tender powder color, normal meat color of fresh pork belly, it is best to buy in the supermarket, the general supermarket will be handled clean.

2. The cleaning of pork belly must be patient, that is, repeatedly massage and clean it.