[Can potato skin boil water?]_ Effect_Efficacy

[Can potato skin boil water?]_ Effect_Efficacy

Everyone wants to have smooth black hair, smooth black hair will give people points, but our hair will change the time shift, and slowly become white hair, if full of white hair, You will have a special lack of spirit, and it will make you feel that you are very old. In life, we often eat potatoes. It is said that potato skin can be dyed by boiling water, so let’s take a look with Xiaobian.

How to dye hair with potato skin Wash and peel two potatoes, and then put the skin into a proper amount of water to boil. The ratio of water to skin is about 2: 1. After boiling, you can filter the skin and leave only water.Just cool.

Follow the normal steps to wash your hair. After doing the shampooing step, dry your hair, and then slowly pour it into the hair with potato peel water, or use a special brush to brush your hair, leave it for a while, and rinse.Just do it again.

The principle of potato skin boiled water for hair dyeing is based on the principle of browning potatoes. Potatoes contain tyrosine, tyrosinase, which produces melanin under the action of oxygen, which can dye hair blackAlready.

But this kind of hair dyeing effect does not last long, it will dissolve after rain.

However, because it is pure and non-hazardous, and the effect is not bad, everyone does not prevent it from trying, it is much safer than the chemical hair dye in the barber shop.

What is the effect of potato skin boiling hair?

It is really fatal to have white hair. If you are fed up with the chemicals of the hair dye, but you still want to have a black and beautiful replacement, the water made from potato skin can become your natural hair dye!

First, peel out about a cup of potato peel.

Then pour two cups of water, boil the potato skins in boiling water with a 1: 2 ratio of potato skins and water, and soak for 5 minutes until it cools.

Soak the potato skins in water and take water.

Now is the time to verify the magic?
After normal shampooing, ordinary people can wash it off with normal water first, then wipe it dry with a towel, and then use potato peel water as the second rinse.

Then brush up like this!

Regardless of whether this natural potato peel water is really effective, I feel that it has always relied on things like hair dyes, which are not harmful to the human body.