[Coffee Milk Ball Hazard]_ Impact _ Harm

[Coffee Milk Ball Hazard]_ Impact _ Harm

Many people add a pearl milk ball to their coffee. Although this cream ball can be used in coffee, it has a strong aroma, but many people say it is harmful to health. In fact, the cream ball is a kind ofThe main ingredients of this kind of preparation are milk powder and vegetable oil. There should be protein and minerals. It is appropriate and not harmful, but people who can’t eat sweets can’t touch it.

What is Love Cream Ball Love Cream Ball is a seasoning product, mainly water, vegetable oil, skim milk powder, and contains protein and trace minerals and vitamins.

It is suitable for blending with all kinds of coffee and black tea or adding it to coffee jelly, tea jelly, red mung bean soup, corn soup and other dessert drinks to make the food richer and more delicious.

Why do you want to add cream flavor to coffee? The flavor formula unique to cream balls can blend the acidity and bitterness of coffee, enhance the smooth taste of coffee when it is imported, and achieve the perfect combination of texture, acidity and taste, and blend into a mellow and supple flavor.

Office workers often drink coffee every day, if you don’t like bitterness or are afraid of irritating the gastrointestinal tract, you can add a pearl sugar ball in an appropriate amount to make the coffee rich and mellow, while reducing the irritation of the stomach.

Are Lovers ‘Cream Balls Healthy? Lovers’ cream balls do not contain trans fatty acids and preservatives. Each one is only 26 calories. The daily intake for adults is 1500-2000 calories. A bowl of 150 grams of rice is about 174 calories.

Therefore, drink coffee and choose not to use hydrogenated vegetable oil love cream balls, that is, do not have to worry about health problems, and do not have to worry about excessive amounts.

A cup of plain latte is about 166 kcal, and a cup of American coffee with a cream ball is only 37 kcal, which is less than 1/4 of a latte.

For those who drink coffee every day, but worry about more than too many people, drinking American coffee with cream balls is a better choice.

[How to make small hair crabs]_How to make _What method

[How to make small hair crabs]_How to make _What method

The hairy crabs are prepared and very delicious, and there are many methods. Usually, after we buy the hairy crabs, we can use them to stir-fry and make soup. When making the hairy crabs, we should marinate them with cooking wine.It can remove fishy odor. Ginger should be added when making it, which can eliminate the cold. Usually, we buy frozen hairy crabs. First of all, we must thaw naturally and do not soak it in water. This will lead to insufficient umami taste.

How to make small hair crabs Frozen small crabs 500 g green peppers 50 g dry red peppers 50 g minced shallots 2 tbsp (30 g) minced ginger 2 tbsp (30 g) minced garlic 2 tbsp (30 g) green bamboo shootsGenjiu 2 tablespoons (30ml) chili sauce 4 tablespoons (60ml) soy sauce 1 teaspoon (5ml) sugar 1 teaspoon (5 grams) vinegar 1/2 teaspoon (3ml) methodKoji wine is marinated for 10 minutes.

Peel and wash the green bamboo shoots and cut into pieces.

藕 Peel and wash.

2) Add oil to the pot. After a little warm, put the blue and red peppers and dried red peppers into the pan, stir-fry the aroma, and pour the onion, ginger, and garlic minced.

3) Pour crab pieces and stir-fry until the crab legs turn red. Pour in green bamboo shoot pieces and stir-fry pieces.

4) Add the chili sauce, soy sauce, sugar and salt, pour in an appropriate amount of water (height is 1/3 of the food in the pot), add the accessories and simmer on medium heat for 2 minutes, open the lid, and collect the soup on high heat.

Super 啰 嗦: Frozen seafoods should be thawed naturally in the room as much as possible. Do not soak in water, otherwise some umami will be lost.

* Spicy seafood used for pickling seafood is better than cooking wine, in addition to removing fishy smell, it also has a deodorizing effect.

But don’t marinate for too long, 10 minutes is enough.

Blue pepper is a unique Sichuan pepper, spicy and fragrant.

If not, you can use ordinary peppercorns, but the hemp taste is not that heavy.

Chili sauce can be chosen at will.

Laoganma hot sauce is also a good choice.

This method is also applicable to other raw materials, whether it is meat, seafood, or green vegetables. Feel free to play it.

But warm reminder, the spring is relatively dry, too much spicy food is easy to get angry.

2 kilograms of crab meat, regular onion, garlic, ginger, dried chili, pepper, green pepper, etc. For white wine, use the method 1. Buy the crab and spit in the water, then scrub it.

2, chopped green onions, garlic, ginger, minced and set aside.

3, green pepper hob cut into pieces.

4. After the oil in the pot is heated, add the shallots, garlic, ginger, dried peppers, and peppercorns to the fragrant.

5. Then pour in the crab and stir fry until it no longer struggles. Add the so-called white wine, add salt, chicken essence, continue to fry until the color turns red, cover with water, cover with a pan and simmer for about 10 minutes.

6. After ten minutes, the juice is collected on the fire, and the green peppers are added to the pan and stir-fried.

[How long does the big crab steam?]_ Production method _ home practice

[How long does the big crab steam?]_ Production method _ home practice

Crab is rich in nutritional value, and has edible value, still has certain medicinal value, mainly because crab is rich in protein and amino acid, which has a good effect on detoxification and infection.

And steaming crabs is also a common way of eating in life, simple and convenient, but the timing of steaming crabs is relatively strict, the time is too short and unfamiliar, and the nutrition is lost for too long, so how long is it appropriate to steam big crabs?

Crabs contain a lot of high-quality proteins and amino acids. These substances can increase the immunity of lymphocytes, promote wound healing, and fight infection. Therefore, people who cause or are injured should eat more crabs.

Furthermore, eating crabs can prevent tumors, fight tuberculosis, and clear heat and detoxify. These health effects cannot be underestimated.

Buy crabs home, there are many cooking methods, the most common and most authentic is steaming.

But many people don’t know how to steam the crabs, nor how long should they be steamed before they can be eaten.

So, in the crab season, let’s talk about the correct way to steam the crab.

[Steamed Crab][Ingredients]: Crab, Ginger, Zanthoxylum[Specific Practice]: 1. Be sure to buy live crabs when buying crabs, do not try to buy dead crabs cheaply, because for seafood, the reproduction of bacteria is extremely fast.
Everyone must keep this in mind. Rather than eat, don’t buy dead crabs.

Wash the crabs with a toothbrush.

2. Add water to the steamer, sprinkle some ginger slices on the steamed pan, and throw some peppercorns (be careful not to let the peppercorns leak). Both are used for crabs to fishy.

3, put the crab belly up one by one, the reason why it makes the belly up is to prevent the crab yellow from flowing out.

This is a superfluous mistake, so be sure to pay attention to it next time you steam the crab.

4. Then you can add some ginger slices and place them on the belly of crabs, cover the pot, steam the water after steaming until the crabs are cooked.

Specifically, the steaming time depends on the size of the crab’s head. Normal crabs can kill the bacteria in the crab after steaming for about 12-15 minutes after boiling, but if it is more than four or two and a halfFor a large crab, you need to steam it for another three or four minutes.

It is necessary to ensure that the crabs are delicious and that they are clean and hygienic.

5, crab crab is steamed, eat it quickly!

Live crabs will lose their legs after being steamed. Dead crabs will not have this phenomenon.

[Tips]: 1. Choosing crabs is actually very simple. Look at the position of the navel eyes of the crabs. The yellow and red ones are all good crabs. You can’t make mistakes, just like the one in the recipe.

2, once again outstanding, crabs must buy live.

3. Next, I will follow the common practice of crabs leaving the country, so stay tuned for me!

[How to make a cake as soft as cotton]_ Common practice of a cake as soft as cotton _ A guide to making a cake as soft as cotton _ How to make a cake as soft as cotton

[How to make a cake as soft as cotton]_ Common practice of a cake as soft as cotton _ A guide to making a cake as soft as cotton _ How to make a cake as soft as cotton

After a busy day of work and study, it is really tiring to drag the remaining intestines and prepare dinner.

The method of making a cake as soft as cotton is simple and easy to learn. It only needs a wok to solve it. You don’t need to fry and stew, and you can enjoy the deliciousness with clear soup.

1. Prepare all materials.

Separate the egg whites and egg whites from 3 eggs. The egg whites should be placed in an oil-free and water-free bowl. 2. The salad oil should be heated to a boil.Dough.

3. Add condensed milk to the hot dough and stir well.

4. Add 30g of whole egg liquid and 3 egg yolks to the hot dough and stir to form an egg yolk batter.

5. Add the sugar in three portions and pass it to the wet pass that can pull the hook.

6. Take 1/3 of the beaten protein into the egg yolk paste and stir well, just like the turning action when cooking, do not circle to avoid defoaming.

7. Add the batter to the rest of the egg whites and mix well. 8. Pour the batter into a baking sheet lined with greased paper.

9, preheat the oven, enter the middle layer of the oven, 175 degrees, bake for about 15-20 minutes.

Use a toothpick to pierce the cake. After removing the toothpick, there is no residue on the toothpick to indicate that the cake is baked.

10. After being released from the oven, it will be buckled on the cooling rack, tear off the oil paper, and immediately cut into pieces that are as soft as cotton. It is not difficult to eat cakes that are soft like cotton.This dish won’t hurt you.

[When do you put salt in the chicken soup]_ salt time _ when

[When do you put salt in the chicken soup]_ salt time _ when

Chicken soup is probably not unfamiliar and preferred by everyone. Its taste is very good. The most important thing is that it contains a lot of nutrients, protein, calcium and other trace elements required by the human body, which can effectively improve human immunity and strengthen the human body.Constitution and so on.

When to put salt in chicken soup is a very particular thing, and it has a great impact on the taste of chicken soup. Let’s introduce in detail when to put salt in chicken soup.

Put the salt in the pot before serving, or put it in a bowl, and the soup in the pot can be drunk for two days.

Don’t put too much salt in chicken soup. Generally, you should drink soup after eating the dishes. The salty taste of vegetables still exists in your mouth. Drinking the light chicken soup can bring out the delicious taste.

The key to the taste of chicken soup is the chicken you choose. Generally, white-striped chicken is not too delicious, so you should put more salt or it is not delicious.

If you have domestic chickens and prairie green bird chickens, you can put less salt and eat the umami of the chicken itself.

If chicken puts salt first, it will directly affect the taste, characteristics and nutrients of chicken and chicken soup.

This is due to the higher quantiles of chicken, some as high as 65% to 90%.

And salt has a dehydration effect. If you put salt first during stewing, soak the chicken in salt water and salty soup, the cells in the tissue will penetrate the water, the protein will be coagulated, and the chicken tissue will shrink and tighten obviously, affecting the nutrition to dissolve into the soup.Shrink the concentration and quality of the soup, so that the stewed chicken is hardened and aged, and the soup is flavorless.

Therefore, the correct way to put salt when stewing chicken is to cool the stewed chicken soup to 80-90 degrees, and then add an appropriate amount of salt, so that the chicken soup and meat taste the best.

Elderly life test

Elderly life test

Dr. Diana Wudrav is a psychologist in the United States. She believes that we can all live to 100 years old.

After decades of research on longevity, she designed the following quiz questions, which enabled most of us to figure out how long we can live.

  First, figure out how you can evaluate yourself.

If you are now 18?
Between the ages of 25, then you should start retirement age from 66; if you are 25 years old?
Between 30 years old, you should be from 66.

Fatigue life begins at age 5; and so on, every year, every year, increase by zero.

1 year old counts.

These figures are calculated scientifically based on the estimated life of ordinary men at this age, and if they are women, they should be 3 years old.

Then, answer the following questions according to your actual situation. Add the age or the above-mentioned number of years after the “estimated life” age. The last number generated is the estimate of how long you can live.


Grandfather and grandmother: Whether your grandfather or grandmother can live to be over 80 years old, you should add 1 year old; if they live to 70 years old, they should be half-year old.


Father and mother: If your mother is 80 years old, you should add 4 years old; if your father lives to 80 years old, you should add 8 years old.


Family disease: If your grandparents, parents, brothers, and sisters died of heart disease before the age of 50, you should be 4 years old; if someone died of the disease before the age of 60, you should have 2 years oldIf someone dies from other diseases before the age of 60, you should be 1 year old.


Child: If you are a woman, you will not have a child or you will not have a child. You should be half a year old. If you have more than 7 children, you should be 1 year old.

If you are the eldest son, you should add 1 year old.


Intelligence: If your intelligence is more than average, you should add 2 years old.


Smoking: If you smoke more than 40 a day, you should be 12
years old; if you smoke 20 times a day?
40, you should be 7 years old; if you smoke no more than 20 a day, you should be 2 years old every year.


Drinking: If you drink a small amount of beer or a low amount of white wine every day, you should add 3 years old; if you drink sometimes instead of drinking every day, you should add 1 year and a half; if you never drink, neither increase nor increaseReduced; if you drink a lot, you should be 8 years old.


Weight: If you are overweight (standard weight), you should be 2 years old.


Sleep: If you sleep more than 10 hours or less than 5 hours a night, you should be 2 years old.


Exercise: If you jog, cycle, swim, dance or run three times a week, you should add 3 years old.


Diet: If you like to eat simple foods that do not contain fat or sugar, and do not eat after eating, you should add 1 year old.

Health: If you are often ill, you should be 5 years old.


Education: If your education is above the university level, you should add 2 years old.


Occupation: If you are a teacher or a physician, you should add one and a half years old; if you are a factory worker, you should be 4 years old; if you are a businessman, you should be 2 years old.

  15 residence: If you spend most of your life in the city, you should be 1 year old; if you spend most of your life in the country, you should add 1 year old; if you are a divorced man, you should be 4 years old.

Change: If you have changed your profession, housing, husband, wife more than once in your life, you should be 2 years old.


Friend: If you have one or two friends who share all your worries, you should add 1 year old.

  You can now calculate your estimated life.

If you are disappointed, please don’t be depressed, because this calculation is a proper reference, but at least you know what to do now.

Exercise and have your own plan

Exercise and have your own plan

Sometimes we will hear the saying: “The plan can’t keep up with the change”; “Sports is not just fun, but what plans are used!”

“As long as you exercise, you can do whatever you want.”

Is this really the case?

First of all, we give a positive answer: “No”!

So what are the benefits of developing a sports plan?

Prof. Shou Shoufu, Department of Theoretical Studies, Capital Institute of Physical Education, is here to answer this question.

  One of the benefits: According to the psychologist’s research, if our behavior is repeated for more than 3 weeks, it will form a habit. If it is more than 3 months, it will form a stable habit.

Of the one-day behavior of a person, only about 5% are unaccustomed, while the other 95% are habitual.

Therefore, if you have a detailed exercise plan and can follow this plan for more than 3 months, he is likely to become a lifelong habit; Benefit 2: Laziness is one of human nature.

Although the plan may not catch up with every change, if there is no plan, it means that there is no constraint. Any little things in life, bad weather, lots of homework, a little uncomfortable body, etc., may become no.An excuse for exercise.

The exercise plan is like an alarm clock. The reorganization will remind you in time, and regular exercise according to the exercise plan will form an accurate “biological clock”.

This is not only good for our health, but also positive for our learning. The third benefit: the development of exercise plans can ensure that the exercise is more scientific and targeted, prompting us to have steps and systems.Exercise at the same time, you can also check your exercise effect in time.

For example, we can evaluate the content of the indicators and the sensitive period of the body’s growth and development according to the National Student Physical Health Standards. According to our own situation, we can see those strengths that are our own weaknesses, and those that are our own weaknesses;What are the characteristics of the sports program and the focus of the practice method?

  The fourth benefit: the effective use of the characteristics of the sensitive period of the development of children’s physical fitness can better and more effectively develop the physical fitness of the body.

As the age increases, the physical fitness will naturally develop and continue to be around 25 years old.

The average male student is about 15 years old, and the female student is about 12 years old. The speed of physical fitness is changing the most.

At the same time, in the process of growth and development, the speed quality increased earlier, the endurance quality increased second, and the power quality increased at the latest.

The order of development of male and female students is the same.

For example, some studies have found that boys are 7 to 14 years old, girls are 7 to 12 years old when the speed of quality development speed; boys 15 to 18 years old enter a slow growth period, while girls in 13 to 16 years have a stagnation, decline stage, to17 to 20 years old enters a slow growth phase like boys.

Finally, after the age of 19, girls will enter a stable phase after the age of 21.

Therefore, using the characteristics of the sensitive period of physical fitness growth can improve the exercise capacity more effectively.

  The basis for designing a sports plan is first to determine the goals of your own sport.

The goal of success should be that the goals are challenging, accessible, realistic and specialized.

The main point of establishing the goal is that students who participate in sports for the first time can start with the short-term goal; they must introduce the speciality of the outstanding goal.

For example, improve the performance of 800 meters or learn to play the table tennis forehand.

  Pay attention to the selection of sports content that suits your personal characteristics.

Exercise should further exercise yourself and not eat partial meals.

  According to the selected sports content, the conditions of the venue equipment, the characteristics of the season, and then according to their spare time, develop their own sports plan.

  Do a good job in daily life.

Recording your own workout is a very important thing.

For example, by recording the data of your own weight changes, you can further analyze the effect of the discussion of exercise.

  The implementation of the exercise plan and the basic rules of human exercise can be divided into three stages according to the adaptation of the body and the improvement of exercise capacity during a person’s exercise.

  The first stage is the adaptation phase of the body.

The length of adaptation of different people is different. Some people are longer and some are shorter.

At this stage, the body will have a variety of discomforts, such as muscle soreness, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc. The second stage is the stage of improvement in physical fitness.

At this stage, the discomfort of the body gradually weakened to disappear, and the feeling of relaxation was more relaxed when the exercise was completed, and the exercise ability was significantly improved. The third stage was the stable maintenance phase.

At this stage, when the same exercise load or the same exercise is completed, the body will have a “saving” phenomenon, and the body’s self-perception and athletic ability or technical movement will be maintained at a stable level.

  According to the characteristics of each stage, selecting or adjusting the exercise load, planning, regular, and step-by-step exercise is an important basis for achieving the purpose of exercise.Specifically, in the process of implementing the exercise plan, it is called stepping up the stairs.

The height of each step can be regarded as the exercise load, and the width of the step can be regarded as the duration of the exercise.

The exercise plan is to design this step, the “height” of the steps, the “width” and the number of steps.

The people we participate in are such a “goal” as the steps of a step-by-step plan.

  How to make fitness a habit According to the survey of college students’ attitudes toward exercise, participation generally has “when things get better, I will forget to exercise”, “I am sometimes lazy, I don’t want to exercise” and “I am very tired”It is difficult to adhere to the phenomenon of exercise.

Our overall is a fitness mechanism, a mechanism that turns everyday fitness into a habit.

If fitness can become a habit like washing your teeth every day, then you will be troubled by the “plan can’t keep up with change”?

  Find a suitable partner to work out with friends with a fitness program instead of working alone.

Going out to work with friends helps to better implement the fitness program, and it doesn’t mean that you can do it on behalf of any friend. If you have a fitness with a friend who has higher fitness consciousness, you will get more fitness than the first person.A good fitness effect, and in the mutual support and encouragement, cultivate a sense of group responsibility.

  Try different sports. When doing fitness, don’t just do what you like, but you need a variety of sports.

People’s enthusiasm for a certain kind of sports may fade in a few months, so we should learn to control our sports enthusiasm.

If you don’t have the enthusiasm for fitness, then it will be more difficult to improve, then you can consider a different form of exercise.

You can ask a personal trainer to guide the fitness program in a targeted manner.

  Persevere in order to make fitness a daily habit, do not go to fitness for more than two consecutive days.

According to the survey, people who only exercise 1 or 2 times a week are more likely to die halfway than 3 to 4 times a week.

Because fitness frequency can affect people’s fitness stamina more than fitness time or exercise form.

Stick to 3 to 5 days of exercise per week.

Fully allocate your fitness time to maintain a good fitness momentum.

  If you are really busy, you don’t have time to exercise. You can take 10 to 15 minutes a day to exercise to keep your body in a good state and strengthen your fitness habits.

If you can’t guarantee to take the whole time to exercise, then it’s better to exercise when you have time.

  Record the fitness process and keep track of your fitness process.

According to research, insisting on dieting or the body of a person is easier to lose weight.

In addition, in one study, people who recorded in detail would lose twice as much weight as those who did not.

During exercise, record the form of exercise, exercise time, intensity load, etc., to help the implementation of the fitness program.

  The Record Progress Institute rewards its own pedometer, heart rate monitor and stopwatch to help the bodybuilder record the movements in detail, how far they have ran or gone, how fast they burned, how much energy they burned, and how much progress they made.At the same time, it brings a sense of accomplishment, which makes people intuitively understand the achievements and effects of sports.

  When you reach your intended goal, learn to reward yourself and give your next fitness.

Six strokes before going to bed, wake up to have a peach

Six strokes before going to bed, wake up to have a peach

Skin cells are extremely active when they are asleep, and the metabolism of the skin surface allows the skin to absorb more nutrients, remove excess material from the epidermis, and ensure the regeneration of skin cells.

Therefore, good sleep will make you look good, your skin will be firm and your eyes will be clear.

If you can do the following 6 strokes before going to bed, the morning will be radiant.


When you are having dinner, don’t eat too much. This will cause blood to concentrate on your stomach during sleep, which will reduce the amount of blood on your face and affect your skin tone.

Try to avoid or add a small amount of salt, it is best not to drink alcohol, this can avoid the appearance of edema around the face and eyes in the morning.


Always remember to remove the makeup of your skin before going to bed, which is good for breathing and excreting waste and sweat at night; if the cleaning method is not correct, it will easily cause redness and swelling of the eyes.

Therefore, you should use a cotton ball to take eye cleansing solution, put it on the eyelids and eyelashes for 10-20 minutes, then wipe gently with cotton.


You can soak the tea bag with wet water before going to bed, then press it on the eyelids for 10 minutes, then apply eye cream, which is good for the maintenance of the eye skin and prevent the production of crow’s feet.


Apply vitamin E oil to the roots of the nails, massage gently, then massage your hands with hand cream.

Vitamin E has an anti-aging effect, and hand cream moisturizes the hands.


Whole body cleaning and care.

Before going to bed, you can take a hot bath, which helps to relieve the tired body.

After bathing, gently massage your body with an emollient or body lotion.

Then put on a bathrobe or a night gown after 10 minutes of warming.

At this time, the skin will completely absorb the temperature on the clothes, making the skin more smooth and elastic.


Milk has the magical effect of hypnosis.

Therefore, those who are prone to insomnia do not hinder drinking a cup of fresh milk before going to bed, which will relax your nerves and make you sleep easily.

Benevolence in life is more important than cleverness

Benevolence in life is more important than cleverness

He was born in Wisconsin, USA, and he can only make small business in his spare time because of his family’s poverty.

With his ingenuity, he soon became a famous “rich man”.

  During the summer vacation, he went on vacation with the whole family. When he saw a few cockroaches on the road, he threw a few banknotes.

Unexpectedly, the few stunned and walked away, he was puzzled.

The father said: “Children, respect is more important than charity.

“Unexpectedly, he asked about the age and daily smoke of his father’s old friend. He said: “You will live less than fifteen years according to the theoretical calculation of the life of each cigarette alternately two minutes.

Then, my father’s old friend cried.

The father said and said: “One day you have to understand that benevolence is more important than cleverness.

“The father’s words stunned him.”

  He is Kenneth Bellin, a successful businessman and philanthropist, and he and his followers traveled the world, sending hope and dignity to countless people in need.

Later, he said that others praised his benevolence and praised him more intelligently, because benevolence is necessary for a healthy and pure soul.

  The famous psychologist Rogers believes that love is a dedication and a reward.

When dedicating the heart of love, you will know the power of self-power, the abundance of wealth and the great potential.

You will feel very happy, followed by the reconstruction of social responsibility, unconsciously transcending the self, which is a psychological reconstruction.

In the process of giving love and forgetting the return of love, our mental health is finally realized.

Five methods of longevity research for 22 years

Five methods of longevity research for 22 years

The US Network Medicine Doctors website summarizes the latest longevity studies and finds that the following five simple methods can extend life expectancy by 22 years.


Italian scientists have found that if you eat at least one lettuce a day, you can extend your life by 2 years.


Scientists at the University of Alabama in the United States have found that if the BMI is always between 25 and 35, the lifespan is shortened by three years.

So if you are overweight, be sure to exercise.

Studies have shown that people who are used to exercise exercise at least three times a week.


Scientists at the University of Loma, USA, tracked the habits of a group of long-lived people and found that those who ate nuts five times a week could live for nearly three years.

Eat about 50 grams of nuts that are good for heart health, some walnuts, etc. every day.


Scientists in the United States have studied a group of 70-year-olds and found that those with a wide range of friends have a relatively long life expectancy, an average increase of seven years.


Scientists at Yale University in the United States have found that older people who are optimistic about the aging process can live for seven more years than those who are worried about their physical health.