A diet that prevents hair from turning white!

A diet that prevents hair from turning white!

Many middle-aged and elderly people are worried about their growing white hair.
Li Changping, a nutritionist at Beijing Hospital, said in an interview that there are many reasons for whitening hair, but malnutrition caused by low intake of staple food and protein is a very important factor.
  The factor determining the color of the hair is the amount of pigment particles in the hair, which is related to the development and growth of the pigmented cells of the nipple.
The hair turns from black to white. Generally, the pigment cells of the hair decline in function. When the pigmentation is completely unable to produce pigment particles, the hair becomes completely white.
Normal people start to age 35 years old, hair pigment cells begin to decline.
However, if it is not well protected, the black hair may turn into white hair in advance.
  The ancients said, “Being in the blood” means that the hair grows and falls off, moistens and withered, mainly depends on the kidney’s recharge and the liver’s blood.
Do not eat or eat rice and other staple foods, will inevitably hurt the spleen and stomach, but also hurt the liver and kidney.
When the young and middle-aged people are full of blood and blood, the hair grows fast and shiny. When it is old and weak, the blood is weak and the hair becomes white and dry. The direct cause is the lack of nutrition provided by the spleen and stomach.of.
Li Changping said that the grains are rich in starch, sugar, protein, various vitamins and some trace elements (such as copper), and the meat is rich in meat protein, which is necessary to keep a black shiny hair.nutrient content.
In the elderly, if the staple food and meat intake are insufficient, it often causes the hair to become gray and white.
  So how do you prevent whitening of your hair?
Li Changping said that middle-aged and elderly people can often eat staple foods such as purple rice, black beans, red beans, green beans, red lings, black sesame seeds, walnuts, etc., and also eat black-bone chicken, beef and mutton, pig liver, soft-shelled turtle, dark-skinned fish.Meat, such as sea cucumbers and sea cucumbers.
In addition, middle-aged and elderly people often eat carrots, spinach, purple radish head, purple cabbage, mushrooms, black fungus and so on.
In short, all dark foods contain pigments that are good for the maintenance of hair color.

The entertainment life of the elderly is more suitable for the selection of musical instruments.

The entertainment life of the elderly is more suitable for the selection of musical instruments.

Uncle Zhang, who lives in Haidian District, Beijing, recently fell in love with playing the flute.

Sometimes everyone walks and chats in the small garden downstairs, and Zhang Uncle will take out the flute to give everyone a “Usuli Boat Song” to win the applause of everyone.

For a long time, Uncle Zhang found that his own strength was not enough. Sometimes he had to take a few songs to rest, and several old friends would not lose interest because of the old school. The “old-fashioned flute class” planned to be aborted.

  Song Wei, an expert in instrumental music at Harbin Normal University, said that the flute-type instruments are not suitable for the elderly. Such instruments need to be vibrated by the flute, etc., and the time will be “injury”, which will damage the health of the elderly.And such instruments have higher requirements for breath, need to carry out the physiological laws of breathing, master the correct method of blowing, and have a long time to get started, which is not suitable for the elderly.

If you really want to learn, the cucurbit is good, the breath you need is relatively opposite in all the wind instruments, the fingering is easy to master, and the entry is easy. Generally you can learn a few songs a month.

Blowing cucurbits with a notation does not require much knowledge of music.

  Under the rankings, older friends can learn more plucked instruments, such as pianos in Western instruments, accordions, traditional Chinese erhu, pipa and so on.

Studies by Swiss scholars have found that practicing plucked instruments helps the elderly achieve physical coordination and reduces the chance of wrestling in their lives.

Take erhu as an example. When pulling erhu, the left and right hands are alternately light, heavy, slow, urgent, just right. The fingers are related to the human heart and brain nerves, and the fingers are flexibly moved. It can promote the blood circulation of the human peripheral nerves and reduce the heart.The reflux and blood supply pressure, as well as the harmonious grasp of breathing and music rhythm, the heart function also got a good aerobic exercise.

Ancient medical records: “The spleen is good music, the silk bamboo is smelled, and the spleen is honed.

“The spleen and stomach also like to listen to music.”

Music such as feminine erhu can effectively promote the secretion of digestive glands and help digestion.

  In addition, the introduction time of such plucked musical instruments is short, and the practitioners have low requirements for music and are relatively easy to learn.

Experts pointed out that the elderly learn musical instruments mainly to add interest to the rich life of the old age, and do not require high speed in practice.

Diabetes friends to prevent diabetes to lose weight to take three steps

Diabetes friends to prevent diabetes to lose weight to take three steps

Losing weight is another key factor in diabetes.

Obese patients must lose weight under the guidance of a doctor, increase physical activity, consume calories, and thus achieve their own weight.

Obesity has been with me for five or six years before these diseases.

Although I know that fat people have more diseases and fat people have shorter life expectancy, but I think that people like me who are fat in the age of ticketing are mostly vegetarian, and they don’t have any sorghum like big fish.Food, such fat does not matter.

Now reflect on it, I am still due to excessive carbohydrate injection, reduced physical labor, and the fat of the old basal metabolic rate.

So, I groped for a healthy and healthy way to lose weight.

  The first step: temperate diet and proper exercise. According to the dietary requirements of diabetes, according to the standard of light physical labor (transfer of 25 kcal per thousand body weight multiplied by my ideal weight of 62 kg), the total dose of one day is 1550 kcal.
According to the percentage of food ingredients in the total speed and the principle of balanced diet, adjust the diet structure, rationally allocate three meals a day, in order to achieve the purpose of controlling total dietary conversion and diet.

At the same time, carry out proper aerobic exercise in the way I like, such as jogging, walking and cycling.

After more than 4 months of weight loss, the weight has been reduced by 10 months.

I am very satisfied with this weight loss effect, so I insisted on such supplementary principles and exercise methods for 7 years.

  The second step: choose to eat sweet potato, pepper and garlic and other diet foods. In recent years, the understanding of obesity has been deepened, and the risk of obesity in diabetes has been discovered.

Looking back on the weight loss results of the past few years, the waist circumference is still greater than 96 cm, and has not yet reached the weight loss standard.

So, I thought about further diet.

From the reading of medical books and popular science papers, I found that sweet potato has a good weight-loss effect. Pepper also has a weight-loss effect and I love to eat. Garlic has the effect of regulating blood lipids.

Therefore, I decided to add these kinds of foods to the recipes in May 1999, in the case of the original constant, mainly based on cooked sweet potatoes. The daily breakfast is about 200 grams, and the garlic is eaten at least twice a day.A total of 25 grams, the amount of red pepper.

  The third step: after the second step of abdominal weight loss exercise, after more than two years, I suddenly thought of women in postpartum health exercises, supine position lift legs and sit-ups, etc. have exercised abdominal muscles, increase abdominal muscle strength.
When people are old, it may be difficult to do sit-ups, but you can raise your legs in a supine position.

I do 120 consecutively every day?
150 times in the supine position, lift the legs up, stop in the middle, rest 3?
4 times.

How many times to do it varies from person to person, and do what you can, step by step.

  The three-step weight-loss method has changed me from the inside out: the general’s belly disappeared and the abdominal wall became thinner; B-ultrasound, the liver disappeared.

Through the success of weight loss treatment, other manifestations of metabolic syndrome are improved: lower blood pressure, stable blood pressure, and improved lipid profile, all of which reduce the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke.

  In addition, the doctor instructs the patient in principle, and the specific operation depends on the patient himself.

To have a healthy lifestyle, doctor-patient communication is very important, in addition to diet treatment, weight loss, but also pay attention to diet balance, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction.

  From my personal experience, it can be said that non-pharmacological treatment can achieve satisfactory results from the early stage of diabetes. Diabetes is a lifelong disease, but lifelong illness does not necessarily require lifelong medication, but life intervention is accompanied by life.

Pharmacy storage requirements

Pharmacy storage requirements

Any medicinal liquor purchased from the pharmacy or prepared by yourself, if stored and stored poorly, will not only affect the therapeutic effect of the medicinal liquor, but also cause deterioration or contamination of the medicinal liquor, and thus cannot be reused.

Therefore, it is necessary for people who take medicinal liquor to have a basic knowledge of storing and storing medicinal liquor.

  Generally, the general requirements for storing medicinal liquor are: 1.

All containers that are ready to be prepared or dispensed with medicinal wine should be cleaned and then sterilized with sweat to store the wine.


The medicinal liquor prepared by the family should be sealed in a glass bottle with a long neck and a big belly, or in a container with other lids.


The storage of medicinal wine should be selected in a cool place where the temperature does not change much, and the room temperature is 10?
15 ° C is good.

Can not be mixed with gasoline, kerosene and irritating odors, so as to prevent the medicinal wine from spoiling and odor.


Avoid direct sunlight when storing medicinal wine in the summer, so as to avoid the destruction of the active ingredients in the medicinal liquor, so that the efficacy of the medicinal liquor is reduced.


Home-made medicinal wine should be labeled, and the name, function and preparation time, dosage, etc. of the medicinal liquor should be written to avoid confusion, trouble, or misuse of the wrong drink.

Don’t owe nutrition debt to sugar friends

Don’t owe “nutrition debt” to sugar friends

Friendly Tips According to the latest random survey conducted by the China Diabetes Rehabilitation Society, more than 80% of the patients think that the control diet is a rough tea, which is not dare to eat, and it can not be eaten.
In fact, strict diet control is only to reduce the amount of glucose in the body, only a temporary means to reduce blood sugar.
This is done at the expense of reducing the nutrition and energy in people with diabetes.
  People with diabetes often feel powerless and weak limbs. The important reason is that the cells in the body are seriously deficient in energy and nutrition.
Every day, the human body needs certain nutrients and energy to maintain its metabolism.
If people can’t get enough nutrients every day, the body’s metabolism will be disordered, the cells will wither, the disease resistance will decline, and the complications of diabetes will take advantage of it.
The nutritional basis of diabetes is based on a balanced diet, which is especially important for people with diabetes.
  The so-called “balance” means that five major types of foods such as grains, vegetables and fruits, meat and eggs, milk beans and oils should be taken daily, and the ratio is balanced.
Use these foods as the basis of each meal, such as pods, lentils, broad beans, wheat, rice, fresh fruits (without sugar), and vegetables.
A small supply of complete protein foods such as fish, seafood, eggs, lean meat, skinless chicken, nuts, low fat cheese, yogurt, milk.
The least amount of fat, sugar and wine, such as fat, butter, oil.