[Do pregnant women eat duck meat-pregnant women eat duck meat have these effects]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Do pregnant women eat duck meat?

Pregnant women eat duck meat to have these effects]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

Pregnant women are very important in diet. Duck meat is a relatively common meat. Duck meat is fresh and tender, and it is rich in nutrients and rich in many nutrients and proteins. Pregnant women can eat some duck meat properly.It is a cold food that can improve your body’s anger.

Can pregnant women eat duck meat? Ducks mostly feed on aquatic life.

It is sweet and cold, and has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing lungs.

Especially suitable for some friends who often eat and get angry.

The content of B vitamins and vitamin E in duck meat is relatively high. It supplements the daily body consumption. As a pregnant woman, she must consume more than the normal weight of women.

Duck meat is unique in quality and can be used for soup, braised duck, roasted duck, fumigated, marinated and steamed.

Choose different methods according to different tastes of diners.

Pregnant women are recommended to cook soup, the best nutritional value is retained, the human body absorbs well, and promotes the development and growth of the baby’s body.

The effect of clearing heat and removing fire has a certain relief for common problems such as cough secretions, especially for women with less menstrual periods, and has a certain therapeutic effect.

Duck meat can be used as a pregnant woman’s meat. Pay attention to the time and dosage, and do not gluttony.

Even if it is good for the body, it will have adverse effects on the body.

Precautions Duck meat is not allowed to be eaten at the same time as mandarin meat, which may cause complications such as diarrhea and edema. Duck meat is not allowed to be eaten at the same time as chestnut. It will cause symptoms of physical discomfort. Duck meat should not eat too much other meat.Digestive efficiency is different.

How do pregnant women eat roast duck Roast duck is a very common delicacy in real life and is loved by men, women and children, but this does not mean that anyone can eat roast duck. Some pregnant women who are relatively obese and cold during pregnancy are recommendedEat a controlled amount of roast duck.

Some obese pregnant women eat a more greasy roast duck, which will increase their weight. About 75% of obese pregnant women with various comorbidities during delivery, including abnormal fetal position, premature rupture of water, delayed delivery, difficult labor, cesarean sectionThe rate of births increased, bleeding during puerperium, and anemia.

In severe cases, due to obesity, the increase of adrenocortical hormones affects the fluid return of the tissues, causing hypertension, edema, severe damage to the heart and kidney function, proteinuria, shortness of breath, difficulty in lying down and other symptoms of heart and kidney failure, replacing high pregnancy.Blood pressure syndrome, untimely treatment may cause threatened headaches such as smoking and unconsciousness, which are life-threatening, which is not only harmful to the mother but also to the fetus.

Pregnancy-induced hypertension was associated with impaired glucose tolerance or diabetes more than those of normal weight.

In order to ensure mother and child safety, eugenics and childbearing, and prevention of excessive pregnancy is of great significance.

Furthermore, duck meat is a relatively cold food. Pregnant women with cold bodies may eat more if they eat too much, so pregnant women with cold bodies should pay attention to the amount of duck meat.

[Can diabetes eat goji berries]_ wolfberry _ nutrition diet _ can you eat

銆 愮 硸 烏 兯 咖 咖 咖 咩 醲 揧 悱 抱 揋 友 彪 _ 钀 ュ 吇 楗 _ 鑳 戒 笉 鑳 悳 悆
绯栧翱鐥呮偅鑰呭浜庨ギ椋熸湁鏋侀珮鐨勮姹傦紝鍚硸閲忛珮鐨勯鐗╀竴瀹氳杩滅銆傛灨鏉炴槸涓€绉嶈惀鍏讳环鍊奸潪甯搁珮鐨勯鐗╋紝閫傚悎绯栧翱鐥呮偅鑰呴鐢紝鏈€濂界殑椋熺敤鏂规硶鏄场姘存垨鑰呯叜绮ュ枬锛屽彲浠ユ不鐤楀ご鏅曠瓑涓嶈壇鍙嶅簲锛屼絾涔熶笉鑳借繃閲忔湇鐢紝涓€澶?0棰楀乏鍙冲氨鍙互浜嗐€?涓€銆佺硸灏跨梾鎮h€呭悆鏋告潪鐨勫ソ澶勭涓€锛氱硸灏跨梾浜烘槸鍙互鍚冩灨鏉炲瓙鐨勩€傜硸灏跨梾浜哄悆鏋告潪瀛愮殑鏂规硶鏈€濂芥槸鑳藉娉¤尪鍠濓紝鎴栬€呯啲绮ユ潵鍠濄€傚洜涓烘灨鏉炲瓙鏈韩鍚湁澶氱硸绛夌墿璐紝濡傛灉鑳藉娉″湪姘撮噷锛岃繖鏍峰氨澶уぇ闄嶄綆浜嗘灨鏉炲瓙鏈韩鐨勫惈閲忥紝鑰屼笖娉℃按鍠濓紝鍒╀簬鍚告敹銆傛澶栵紝鐔播鐨勬椂鍊欐斁鍏ユ灨鏉炲瓙锛屾棦鑳藉鍔犺惀鍏汇€傜浜岋細鍙互鍚冩灨鏉炲瓙锛屾槸鍥犱负鏋告潪瀛愯兘甯姪绯栧翱鐥呬汉婊嬭ˉ鑲濊偩鏄庣洰锛屾€у亸娓┿€備篃鑳界敤鎺掗鐐栨堡鐨勬柟娉曞悆鏋告潪锛屼篃鍙毤鏈嶃€?绗笁锛氭灨鏉炲瓙鏈夋不鐤楀ご鏅曘€佺洰鐪┿€佺洰鏄忓娉€佹秷娓寸瓑鍔熸晥锛岀硸灏跨梾鎮h€呭彲浠ラ€傚綋鏈嶇敤锛屽皯鍚冧竴浜涙灨鏉炲瓙瀵圭硸灏跨梾鎮h€呬篃鏄湁濂藉鐨勩€備簩銆佺硸灏跨梾浜烘€庝箞鍚冩灨鏉烇紵1銆佹灨鏉炶倝涓濆師鏂欙細鏋告潪銆侀潚绗嬨€佺尓娌瑰悇100鍏嬶紝鐚槮鑲?00鍏嬶紝閰辨补銆侀鐩愩€佸懗绮俱€侀娌广€佹枡閰掑悇閫傞噺銆傚仛娉曪細灏嗙尓鐦﹁倝娲楀噣锛屽垏鎴愰暱涓濓紱闈掔瑡鍒囨垚缁嗕笣锛涙灨鏉炴礂鍑€寰呯敤銆傜倰閿呭姞鐚补鐑х儹锛屽啀灏嗚倝涓濄€佺瑡涓濆悓鏃朵笅閿咃紝鐑瑰叆鏂欓厭锛屽姞鍏ラ叡娌广€侀鐩愩€佸懗绮炬悈鍖€锛屾姇鍏ユ灨鏉烇紝缈荤倰鍑犱笅锛Fen 獏 鍏 ラ  娌 Gui 纴 掔 啛 卛 荗 垚 銆?2銆佹潪瀛愯泲鍘熸枡锛氭灨鏉炲瓙30鍏嬶紝楦¤泲涓€涓€傚仛娉曪細楦¤泲娲楀噣锛屾斁鍏ユ竻姘翠腑鐓紝铔嬬叜鐔熷悗鍘诲3锛屽姞鍏ユ灨鏉炲瓙鍚岀叜锛岄ギ姹ら铔嬨€?

[Can you eat persimmon after drinking white wine]_ 朱 果 _ 同 吃

[Can you eat persimmon after drinking white wine]_ 朱 果 _ 同 吃

Liquor tastes more mellow. Usually drinking more liquor can activate blood and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

But liquor can’t be drunk with beer, because these two kinds of alcohol are likely to cause alcohol poisoning, and it is easier to get drunk in this way. There are many foods that ca n’t be eaten after drinking liquor.Failure to do so may cause food poisoning.

Can I eat persimmon after drinking white wine?

Eating persimmons with white wine will not directly cause death, but excessive consumption of persimmons, persimmons, etc. will easily cause damage to the mucous membranes in the body and will cause stomach stones.

In the fall, in terms of diet, do not eat cold, irritating food, and people with a bad stomach, it is best not to eat persimmons when drinking.

The taste of the wine is slightly bitter, the sex is hot, and the persimmon is cold, so it is not suitable to eat together; most of the time, you should use meat dishes to drink wine. The protein food reacts with the persimmon to form a clot, which is difficult to digest and difficult to discharge.After the wine enters the stomach, the endocrine increases. Persimmon is mixed with acid and meets gastric acid to form a viscous substance, which is easily tangled with cellulose to form persimmon stones, causing obstruction.

Precautions for persimmon consumption: 1. It is best not to eat persimmons on an empty stomach. Our stomach acid secretion increases and the concentration is high at this time. Persimmons contain a large amount of tannins and gums, as well as some soluble astringent ingredients.The high concentration of fusion in our gastric juice has the chance to cause stones. At this time, the stones may be inserted into the pylorus and increase the gastric pressure, which will cause us to have bloating and stomach pain. If the situation is serious, it may cause gastric stones and gastric ulcers.Some serious complications such as gastric bleeding have appeared.

2. I believe that eating a lot of persimmons contains a lot of sugars. If you eat too many persimmons to reorganize our teeth and oral cavity, it will adversely affect our appetite.

In addition, the effect of the implanted acid in persimmons on the absorption of calcium, magnesium and other trace elements in the human body can easily lead to malnutrition in our body.

3. It is believed that eating persimmon peel together with the persimmon peel is the main place where acid deposits exist. If you eat it together, it may increase the chances of some diseases such as abdominal pain and nausea.

Great Wall of China (000066): Tianjin Feiteng’s surpassing expected autonomous hardware control platform is more solid

Great Wall of China (000066): Tianjin Feiteng’s surpassed-expected autonomous and controllable hardware platform is further strengthened

Event: China Electronics, the company’s controlling shareholder and actual controller, intends to hold Tianjin Feiteng 21 held by China Zhenhua.

46% of the shares were transferred to the company by agreement, and Tianjin Feiteng 13 which Huada Semiconductor will hold will continue to be promoted.

54% equity was transferred to Great Wall of China by agreement.

Investment Highlights Tianjin Feiteng’s equity transfer progress and proportion are beyond expectations. The company passed Tianjin Feiteng 13 held by Huada Semiconductor on March 17, 2017.

With the agreement of 54% equity transfer, the counterparty of the part of Tianjin Feiteng shares to be acquired this time will be expanded from the original Huada Semiconductor to Huada Semiconductor and China Zhenhua, and the proposed acquisition ratio will also be from the original 13.

54% increased to 35.


Absolutely whether the progress of the transfer or the shareholding ratio exceeded market expectations.

Both Tianjin Feiteng and Great Wall of China are important components of the independent and controllable business ecological chain of China Electronics Group. The transfer is also to further the professional integration of the independent and controllable business. The focus of China Great Wall as the group’s hardware platform is more prominent, andIt will enhance the company’s overall strength in the construction of an autonomous and controllable ecosystem.

The performance and ecology of Tianjin Feiteng chips meet the industrialization conditions, and the business has also entered a profit period. Among the existing products compatible with the ARMv8 instruction set, Tianjin Feiteng FT-2000 + / 64 has single-core computing capabilities, single-chip parallel performance, andThe chip cache’s consistency scale, access volume and storage indicators are at the international advanced level, which can replace high-performance, high-throughput server areas, such as large-scale business hosts and high-performance server systems that require high processing and throughput capabilities.And large internet data centers.

At present, domestic operating systems and domestic software products have also completed the full adaptation work on the FT-2000 series 杭州桑拿网 chip platform.

According to the Air Force Huada Semiconductor property rights transfer agreement, Tianjin Feiteng’s 2016 revenue was 1945.

790,000 yuan, net profit is 22.

270,000 yuan, has achieved a slight profit, we expect that Tianjin Feiteng has entered a stable profit period.

The overall profit level of the company is expected to further increase: Tianjin Feiteng, as a necessary chip supplier for the company’s independent controllable business, will increase the company’s profitability in terms of independent controllable business after the completion of the distribution and transfer.

At present, the company has made major breakthroughs in the e-government and civilian products markets with the “PK” computer system and domestic cloud solutions of Feiteng CPU + Kirin OS. It has been able to meet the initial office 杭州桑拿网 requirements and has also adapted to many internal Internet cloud computing platforms.
As the most mature autonomous controllable system in the market, it will definitely take the lead in benefiting from this round of domestic volume.

Earnings forecast and investment grade: EPS is expected to be 0 in 2019-2021.

36 yuan / 0.

43 yuan / 0.

51 yuan, currently the corresponding PE is 27/23/19 times.

Autonomous and controllable is expected to begin large-scale volume next year. The company’s PK system, as the most comprehensive domestic ecological system in the country, will continue to benefit, maintaining a “Buy” rating with a target price of 13.

09 yuan.

Risk warning: the progress of reorganization and integration exceeds expectations; autonomous and controllable advancement is less than expected

Marubeni Co., Ltd. (603983): The online penetration rate of the first domestic brand of eye skin care boosts rapid growth

Marubeni Co., Ltd. (603983): The online penetration rate of the first domestic brand of eye skin care boosts rapid growth

Established for 17 years, it is a star brand of eye care products in China.

The company was established in 2002. In 2007, it launched the star product Marubeni Elastic Protein Eye Essence, the classic commercial “Bomb!”

“Bounce the crow’s feet” has been widely spread throughout the country.

The company achieved revenue of 15 in 2018.

70天津夜网0 million (5-year compound growth rate of 10%), terminal retail sales of about 2.3 billion.

The company’s operators have three differentiated positioning brands. The main brand is the mid-to-high-end skin care brand Marumi, which targets light mature women. It is the company’s main source of revenue (89% of revenue in 2018 and 92% of gross profit); Chunji isPositioned as a popular skin care brand, focusing on natural ingredients for skin care, the unit price is reduced; Lianhuo is a new makeup brand that the company has invested in in 2017, which currently accounts for a small proportion, but has a rapid growth rate.

More than 1 offline outlets.

60,000, 80% are distributed in low-tier cities.

The company’s offline channels are mainly for distribution. Currently, there are more than 180 distributors that cooperate with it, and indirectly obtain terminal outlets 1 through distributor companies.

660,000, most of which are daily chemical stores, mainly distributed in third-tier cities and below.

Due to the fierce competition in offline channels, the company’s offline revenue growth was slow, and some categories of revenue declined, but the company’s core category of eye care products continued to grow.

Online channel revenue accounts for over 40%, which is the main source of the company’s current growth.

The company’s online channels are divided into direct management and distribution. The direct management of online stores is the company’s entrusted third-party operator Guangzhou Nissen to manage the company’s online management. Under the distribution model, the distributors connect to the e-commerce platform. At present, the company’s largestThe online distributor is Minnie Maya, and its customers also have brands such as Herbal Materia Medica and Baique Ling.

Company online channel income 6.

600 million, 5 years CAGR reached 45%.

The company’s net profit margin is above 20%, which is higher than the industry average. This is due to 1) high unit prices, high gross profit of eye skin care products, and the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin is higher than its peers, 2) the brands and categories operated by the companyThe number is reduced, the management structure is relatively streamlined, and the cost is increased. In addition, the company continues to optimize its advertising strategy, the overall marketing rate is controllable, and the company’s overall rate exceeds the industry average.

Investment ratings and estimatesWe expect 2019?
In 2021, the company will realize revenue18.



800 million, achieving net profit4.



4 ppm, corresponding to PE estimated 25/21/18 times, the first coverage, given a “recommended” rating.

Risk prompts intensified brand competition in the cosmetics industry, the company’s offline channel growth has been hindered, and the online channel bonus period has come to an end

Zhongzhi shares (600038) quarterly report comments: solid performance growth optimistic about aviation product market space

Zhongzhi shares (600038) quarterly report comments: solid performance growth optimistic about aviation product market space

Core point of view: Revenue and performance have grown steadily and steadily, and contract liabilities have fallen slightly. The company released the 2019 first quarter report on April 26, achieving operating income23.

8.7 billion (eleven + 11.

50%), realizing net profit attributable to mother to 7878.

910,000 yuan (+11 for the whole year.

50%), revenue and performance increase steadily.

Corporate contract debt 54.

5 trillion, a decrease of 3 compared with the end of 2018.

With 500 million US dollars in revenue in the first quarter, contract debt has only declined slightly. We believe the company’s current number of contracts in hand has increased, and its 19-year revenue and net profit attributable to mothers have achieved steady growth.

The overall gross profit margin decreased as a result.

13pc, the increase in expenses during the period is lower than the increase in revenue. The company’s overall gross profit margin is 13.

05%, down by 1 every year.


The company’s period cost control is good, with an annual increase of 8.

24%, lower than the growth rate of revenue, of which sales expenses, management expenses increased by 7 per year.

89%, 5.

34%, the company increased investment in research and development, research and development costs increased by 134% each year, is an important reason for the increase in costs during the period.

The demand for military helicopters is strong, optimistic about the company’s new model market space. The PLA Army Aviation Brigade is equipped to the division level and an aviation assault brigade is established. The Navy is undergoing oceanization transformation. It is comprehensively considered from the PLA ‘s operational 重庆耍耍网 requirements, helicopter performance, and US military actual inspection.The 10-ton general-purpose helicopter is expected to become the most equipped copy of the PLA and is optimistic about the company’s new model market space.

Investment advice and profit forecast Helicopter procurement is in a boom cycle. The company’s aviation products are designed to maintain steady growth. It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother in 19-21 will be 6.



37 trillion, corresponding to 44/35/29 times the current sustainable PE.

The company is a core assembly company. Its business is only scarce and benefits from the new paradigm. The conversion rate is reduced. The reform of the military pricing mechanism is continuously promoted. The company’s profitability can be continuously improved. It is optimistic about the company’s growth space and maintains reasonable value55.

12 yuan / share unchanged, maintaining the company’s “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: The increase of some military orders and order confirmation that may be caused by engine problems is beyond expectations; the progress of the new helicopter installation is uncertain.

[Can the three high crowd eat cherries?

]_ Cherries _ can you eat

[Can the three high crowd eat cherries?
]_ Cherries _ can you eat

The nutrition in cherries is very rich. People who are included in the three highs can eat cherries, but they must not eat more. People who have three highs usually need to actively exercise their diet in addition to actively controlling the diet so that they can be prevented.Physical health, especially those with diabetes, must pay attention to their diet and control blood sugar in a normal range, otherwise it will have a great impact on physical health.

Contraindications to eating cherry 1. Fat people ca n’t eat more cherries and cherries. It ‘s warm and easy to get angry. It ‘s easy for ordinary people to eat 10 capsules a day.
2. Oral ulcers do not eat Chinese medicine, cherry is hot and easy to get wet, so if you are already on fire, you have oral ulcers, bloated, hemorrhoids or the like, or you should not eat cherries because of hot cough, otherwiseWill be more serious.

3, children do not eat too many cherries Parents can not eat too much because their cherries are delicious, because cherries are warm, children belong to the body of pure sun, too much cherry is very easy to get fever.

4, do not eat bronchitis. If you have tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis and bronchiectasis, etc., do not eat cherry.

5. Don’t eat cherries on an empty stomach. When you are on an empty stomach, the secretion of gastric acid will increase. The combination of gastric acid and pectin and soluble substances in cherries will produce precipitates that are difficult to dissolve and cause indigestion or diarrhea.

6, do not eat the kidney is not good because cherry contains a large amount of potassium, 258 mg per 100 grams of potassium, people with kidney disease, when the kidney function is normal, you can eat less, but you must remember that renal dysfunction and oliguriaCan’t eat anymore.

7, diabetics eat less cherry cherries and sweet, diabetics can’t eat too much.

8. Cherry cherries must be vomited. The nucleolus in poisonous cherries contain a cyanide component, which will cause toxic hydrocyanic acid. If you eat more nucleolus, you will cause poisoning.

So be sure to pay attention to spitting when eating cherries!

If you feel mildly uncomfortable, you can drink sugar cane.

9. Cherries are sticky and cannot be eaten. Cherries are substitutes and are easily damaged. Be sure to handle them lightly and store them in a refrigerator at minus 1 ℃.

Cherries are crimson in color, and generally sweet, and light in color are mostly sour.

Dark-colored cherry has high anthocyanin content and good quality.

[The truth in sex toys is free for you]

[The truth in sex toys is free for you]

As the domestic public’s concept of sex becomes more and more open, sex toys are more and more accepted by everyone.

Sex toys can certainly increase the enjoyment of sexual pleasure, but is there any harm in sex toys?

Now, let ‘s take a look at the truth about the accessories of sex toys: 1. Are sex toys used by people who have sex inconsistencies or do not have sex?

Truth: Anyone can use sex toys.

Surveys show that people who have sex have more sex toys than people who do not have sex. Partners who use sex toys usually have a higher quality of sexual life and better emotional intimacy.

About 20-30% of people use sex toys at least once in their lifetime.

2. Are sex toys addictive?

Truth: Addiction means some kind of harm.

But using sex toys will not hurt you (as long as it is used correctly).

Although some people may become dependent on habitual use of sex toys, you do not need to forcibly quit. Anyone can easily return to masturbation or have sex partners without sex toys.

3. If a woman uses sex toys, does she not need a man?

Truth: Sex toys are not human substitutes.

Sex toys don’t hug you or tell you how much he loves you.

Many men are afraid of women’s use of sex toys, because they think that their essence of women is mainly their “big guys”, so men will lack security.


[The practice of replacing Chinese sun cake with Chinese style]_The common practice of replacing Chinese sun cake with Chinese style_The practice of replacing Chinese sun cake with Chinese style

[The practice of replacing Chinese sun cake with Chinese style]_The common practice of replacing Chinese sun cake with Chinese style_The practice of replacing Chinese sun cake with Chinese style

If you are married, you can definitely enjoy the alternative of “wife’s food”.

But what do you do when your wife is not at home?

Maybe many men choose fast food.

Instant noodles and more.

But what if you do it yourself?

Is this picture beautiful?

I believe your wife is particularly willing to see it.

So, let’s introduce the method of replacing Chinese sun cake with Chinese.


The water crust materials are mixed together to make a smooth dough.


1 Stir all the ingredients and knead into a ball.


2 Oil skin materials are mixed together to make a smooth dough.


Divide water crust, oil crust and filling into 10 equal portions.


21 Wrap the oil skin into the water skin to form the dough.


1 Roll out the growths.


2 The dough opening should face down.


Roll up like a Swiss roll.


The rolled face rolled up.


Keep rolling.


Roll up again like a Swiss roll.

Roll into the desired flakes.


Wrap the filling in the middle of the dough.


Just press flat with the mouth down.


Bake in the middle of the oven at 190 degrees for 12-15 minutes.
After reading my introduction, I believe you have a certain grasp of the Chinese alternative to sun cake.

Well, practice it yourself, the theory needs to be proved by practice.

[Indications of compound canthari capsule]_Efficacy_Effect

[Indications of compound canthari capsule]_Efficacy_Effect

Affected by many factors in our lives, it is easy for our body to suffer from certain diseases. Some diseases will recover quickly after treatment, but some diseases require long-term treatment.

Cancer is a disease that poses a high threat to people’s physical health. In the treatment of disease changes, compound canthari capsules are often used. Compound canthari capsules are not only effective in treating cancer.The treatment also has relatively obvious effects.

Ingredients of compound canthari capsule The composition of canthari capsule is mainly cantharius, Acanthopanax senticosus, Scutellaria barbata, Astragalus, Ligustrum lucidum, dogwood, ginseng, Sanling, Curcuma, bear bile powder, licorice.

Among them, cantharidium is a toxic Chinese medicinal material, Weixin, and mild temperature; it enters the large intestine, small intestine, liver, kidney meridian; it has the effect of attacking sores, removing stasis and dissolving stasis; it is commonly used to treat ulcers, boil, stubborn disease, amenorrhea,Symptoms, cancer, etc., and it works well against cancer.

Fufang Banzhi Capsules treat diseases 1.

The medicines in the compound canthari capsules are used to reconcile blood, eliminate blood stasis, and attack poison and sore.

Clinically used for the treatment of primary liver cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, malignant lymphoma, gynecological malignant tumor, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, malignant lymphoma, thyroid cancer, bone cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer and other malignant tumors.


Clinical studies have found that compound canthari capsules can inhibit the proliferation of polymers.

It has a significant inhibitory effect on mouse H22 solid tumors and liver cancer ascites tumors. At the same time, it can effectively increase mouse hemolysin antibodies, enhance the lymphocyte conversion rate of H22 solid tumor mice, enhance immune function, significantly increase leukocytes; improve toleranceHypoxia has anti-fatigue effect and improves blood microcirculation.


There are many causes of malignant tumors, mainly caused by heredity, environment, tobacco and alcohol, and personal bad living habits.

During the treatment of malignant tumors, it is best to be in a more comfortable environment while changing some bad habits to help restore health.

How to take it The compound canthari capsule should be taken half an hour after meals, and used correctly to prevent damage to the stomach and intestines. One month is a course of treatment, and it is changed at random or discontinued.

When taking compound canthari capsules, medication should be adhered to, and medication should be used according to the instruction manual.