[Chinese herbal formula for weight loss]_Slimming effect_Slimming effect

[Chinese herbal formula for weight loss]_Slimming effect_Slimming effect

For people who need to lose weight, they can’t ignore every way to lose weight, especially some people who want to lose weight but are very lazy. They generally don’t like sports, so they can only passSome medications and diets are used to lose weight.

And many people use Chinese herbal medicine to lose weight, because the side effects of Chinese herbal medicine are generally relatively small, and the harm to the human body will be relatively small, so what will the formula of Chinese herbal medicine lose weight?

Recipes enjoy lean Chinese medicine formula one: 1.

Mulberry leaves 10 grams 2.

Lily 10g 3.

Mulberry 10g 4.

Asparagus 10 grams 5.

Cassia 10 g 6.

Senna 10 (2-3 grams can be added as needed): Pour the medicine into the freshly boiled leeches for a few minutes.

Can be used as tea, drink at least a large cup each morning and evening.

Take one dose a day, or two doses a day for one week.

Principle: The effect of this remedy is to help scrape oil from the body and clean up the stomach. After using reorganization, you will feel that your appetite will shrink.

Reminder: Do not diet while taking, but avoid spicy and irritating foods.

Do n’t overeating after eating, and eat more light food.

It is best not to take it if you are on a business trip or work, because it will increase the frequency of going to the toilet.

Women can add 10 grams of red dates to their original period.

Recipes to enjoy lean Chinese medicine formula two:

2 g of ginger peel.

Chenpi 3g 3.

Mulberry skin 3 grams 4.

4g Reminder: Add 500ml of water to the pot each time you fry and bring it to a boil.

If you take it for five days, you can lose 9 kg.

Recipes enjoy thin Chinese medicine formula 3: 1.

Cassia 1 2 2.

Hawthorn 2 money 3.

Psyllium 3 money 4.

Chenpi 2 money 5.

He Shouwu 1 money and a half 6.

Licorice 1 money 7.

Qian Shell 1 Qian Principle: Cassia seed has the functions of clearing the liver and clearing eyes, moisturizing the bowel and purging.

Hawthorn promotes digestion.

Psyllium is beneficial for water, lungs, eyesight, and expectorant.

Chenpi can pass through the intermediates to dispel heat.

Ho Shou Wu Yixue, laxative, and detoxification.

Licorice moisturizes the lungs and relieves cough, clears heat, and nourishes the spleen and stomach.

The shell has the effect of dredging the meridians and eliminating flatulence, and is used for chest pain and indigestion.

I heard that this formula is a traditional Chinese medicine weight loss recipe taken by Wong Fei Wang after giving birth, with significant effects.

Recipe 4: 1.
Two ugly 25 grams 2.
Fried grass Cassia, diarrhea, atractylodes 10 grams each 3.

Hawthorn, 20 grams of Shouwu each.

How to eat: Shangyao Research is fine, and honey refining is a pill.
30 capsules, and strengthen exercise, can eliminate food and stasis, lose weight and fat.

Principle: Fang Zhong’s ugly “treat evil qi block, facilitate defecation, remove water and gas, and swell”, “can relieve wind, also fill swollen, Jiufu exhilarating body weight loss”.

The hawthorn in the medicinal materials eliminates food and removes blood stasis, Shouwu replenishes kidney and fills essence, cassia seeds intestines and laxative, and lowers serum.

Recipe 5: 1.

30 grams each of seaweed, prunella, and rice kernel 2.

10 grams of white mustard 3.

Hawthorn 15g 4.

Zexie, Yin Chen, Bupleurum 10 grams each 5.

6 grams of licorice.

How to eat: Decoction with water, 1 dose daily.

Principle: The formula of phlegm and fat elimination, spleen and dampness, conditioning Qi, is suitable for the treatment of female obesity.

Recipe 6: 1.

Shouwu, Zexie each 20 grams 2.

Epimedium, astragalus, raw hawthorn, Laizizi, peanut shell 30 grams each 3.

Atractylodes rhizome, 15 grams each.

How to eat: Decoction with water, one dose a day, drink before the meal-bowl of soup, and then eat.

It can reduce the amount of meals and can be used continuously for more than 2 months.

Principle: This formula warms yang and dissolves fat, strengthens the spleen and qi, and helps to lose weight, and is suitable for all types of obesity.

Recipes enjoy lean Chinese medicine formula 7: 1.

Chenpi 10g 2.

Pinellia ternata 10g 3.

15 grams 4.

Licorice 6 g 5.

Woody fragrance 10 g 6.

Cangzhu 10g 7.

Atractylodes 10 g 8.

Incense sticks 9 grams 9.

Chuanxiong 9 grams 10.

Angelica 12 grams.

How to eat: Decoction with water, one dose daily.

Principles: Fang Zhong Cang Zhu dryness and spleen, wood fragrant Qi, Xiangfu Shugan qi; Chuanxiong blood circulation, Qi Angelica blood and blood.

Playing spleen, dampness, phlegm, qi and blood circulation can help women to lose weight effectively.

[Can I eat sweet and sour garlic to lose weight-]_How to lose weight_How to lose weight

[Can I eat sweet and sour garlic to lose weight?

】 _How to lose weight_How to lose weight

Sweet and sour garlic is a common food in daily life. The taste of sweet and sour garlic is sour and delicious, and because the spicy taste of garlic is added a lot after sweet and sour, the taste is refreshing.A variety of amino acids can consume the body’s metabolism and help the body lose weight. Appropriate consumption of sweet and sour garlic can also promote gastrointestinal digestion and help gastrointestinal absorption.

Eat sweet and sour garlic to lose weight? Adding garlic to your diet can help you lose weight even if you can’t detect its amount.

Garlic can detoxify the intestines and prevent gastrointestinal diseases.

It can effectively inhibit and kill bacterial viruses such as Helicobacter pylori that cause gastrointestinal diseases, remove gastrointestinal toxic substances, stimulate digestive mucosa, promote appetite, and accelerate digestion.

In this regard, a little help to lose weight Chinese medicine believes that sweet and sour garlic has the effect of avoiding poisons and can eliminate the redness and swelling on the body.

Garlic is originally a hot food. It is easy to get angry if you eat too much, but the sugar and garlic soaked in white vinegar and sugar, and even the spicy taste of garlic is relieved.People can also eat some.

Especially when eating meat foods with a small amount of metabolism, eating sweet and sour garlic can not only remove greasy, but also promote human digestion and absorption.

The effectiveness and role of sugar garlic Garlic is originally a spicy food.

But the sugar garlic infused with white vinegar and brown sugar, in addition to reducing the spicy taste of garlic, its hotness also became milder.

Sugar garlic is not only appetizing and delicious, but also has a lot of nutritional value.

Sugar garlic is rich in protein, sugars, vitamins, and various amino acids and trace elements required by the human body. Not only that, it also contains a variety of alternative sulfur compounds, which are very beneficial to the human body.

Consuming sugar garlic can enhance the body’s physiological functions, promote the body’s metabolism and delay aging.

Sugar garlic contains allicin, which is a natural fungicide.

Therefore, Garlic can inhibit and kill various pathogenic microorganisms such as cocci, bacilli, viruses, and worms. At the same time, it can prevent influenza, prevent wound infections, and treat infectious diseases and insect repellents.

Garlic can protect the liver, kill the carcinogen-nitrosamine synthesis, inhibit the growth of vitamins, and has great lethality to nanoparticles.

Sugar garlic has not been rich in selenium, which can accelerate the decomposition of peroxidation in the human body, reduce the oxygen supply required for malignant tumors, and thus inhibit the generation of free radicals.

Scientific research shows that sugar garlic can prevent certain cancers such as leukemia, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer and diabetes.

Sugar and garlic can be used as a side dish for porridge and drinking. It is sweet and sour, with a garlic flavor, but not spicy or spicy.

If you eat meat foods containing fat metabolism, you may wish to eat sugar and garlic to relieve greasy and promote human digestion and absorption.

Children with long-term coughs may wish to drink sugar and garlic water, which has a certain relief effect.

At the same time, the antioxidative activity of garlic is not yet ginseng. Frequent exposure to lead or potential human poisoning can be consumed by people, which can effectively prevent lead poisoning.

According to a study, garlic increased people’s consumption while reducing the amount of artificially generated small amounts.

Garlic is originally a hot food, and it is easy to get angry if you eat too much, but the sugar garlic soaked in white vinegar and white sugar, and even the spicy taste of garlic is relieved.

Therefore, even people who are yin deficiency and hot can eat some.

Especially when eating meat foods that contain too much fat, eating sugar and garlic can not only remove oiliness, but also promote human digestion and absorption.

[How to clean shell meat]_How to clean_Cleaning method

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Chongqing Department Store (600729) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Asset Impairment and Investment Returns Affect Performance

Chongqing Department Store (600729) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Asset Impairment and Investment Returns Affect Performance
The lower-than-expected investment performance was due to investment income, the impact of asset impairment losses, and good growth in the main business.In 2018, the company’s net profit attributable to mothers increased by 37 each year.28%, below our 50.The 25% expectation is mainly due to the investment income in the fourth quarter and the net profit of the main business excluding immediate finance at intervals of 25.53% and 71.The increase in income and impairment losses on major categories of net profit of the main business decreased by 68%.4% to 2.56 trillion, if excluding investment income and asset impairment losses affect the company’s performance growth rate in 2018 of 46.12%. The initial income accelerated, and the store adjustment effect was remarkable.In 2018, the company achieved the same increase in revenue3.55%, the first time since 2014 that the growth rate turned positive and accelerated by 6pp.Revenue for the four quarters increased by 9 each.66%, 3.38%, 3.89%, -3.05%, good growth in the first three quarters, weak consumption in the income class in the fourth quarter, and the company closed some inefficient stores.The revenue growth of all business types except supermarkets is stable, mainly due to the increase in sales of large group purchase customers, and the intensified competition in supermarkets in Chongqing has dragged down supermarket revenues.In 2018, the company opened 4 supermarkets, closed 1 electrical shop, 2 auto trade shops, and 310 stores of various types at the end of the period. Store optimization and strengthening of management, gross profit margin and net profit margin both achieved double growth.The company’s gross profit margin increased by 0 in 2018.74pp to 18.42%, the company optimized the product structure to speed up turnover, control sales concessions, increase the proportion of fresh and self-employed.Net margin increased by 0.58pp to 2.56%, an increase of less than the gross profit margin, the proportion of asset impairment losses increased by 0.44pp to 1.2%, the provision for inventory depreciation will increase by one.7.5 billion. The main business is picking up and adding the “financial right away” contribution, and performance growth can be expected.1) The company has undergone continuous product structure optimization, store operation and supply chain optimization after continuous revenue in 2014-17.In 2018, the revenue increased positively. Although there were four quarters of revenue, the performance was under pressure but the overall upward trend was not.With the company’s deepening of fine operations, future operations are expected to improve.2) Expected to expand the rapid growth of consumer credit demand and the continuous expansion of the company’s scale, the profitability of “Finance Now” will continue to 四川耍耍网 increase.3) The controlling shareholder has promoted mixed reform and the results are worth looking forward to. Lowered profit forecast: Considering that it is difficult to significantly improve the domestic consumer market in the short to medium term, the supermarket industry in Chongqing is fiercely competitive, and the growth rate of financially-contributed investment income is likely to be affected by the general environment and the base effect, we lower the companyProfit forecast, it is expected that the net profit attributable to mothers will be 10 in 2019-2021.87, 13.06, 13.7.7 billion yuan, the realized EPS is 2 respectively.67, 3.21, 3.39 yuan, the closing price on March 15, 2019 corresponding to PE were 13 respectively.0 times, 10.8 times, 10.2 times, maintaining the level of “prudent overweight”. Risk Warning: Store Adjustment Affects Company Performance, “Finance Now” Performance Is Less Than Expected

Hua Tailai (603659) 19Q3 quarterly report comments: slightly better than expected performance graphitization investment boosts profits

Hua Tailai (603659) 19Q3 quarterly report comments: slightly better than expected performance graphitization investment boosts profits

Event: The company released three quarterly reports, achieving revenue of 35 in Q1 to Q3 of 2019.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 52 in ten years.

8%, net profit attributable to mothers4.

58 ppm, an increase of 6 per year.

83%, the net profit after deducting non-attribution is 4.

21 ppm, an increase of 25 per year.


Investment summary: Graphite production capacity is released, and gross profit margin level is improved month-on-month.

The gross sales margin of the company in Q3 2019 was 28.

4%, an increase of 1 from the previous quarter.

5pct, mainly benefit from the realization of graphitization of anode materials.

The company’s internal Mongolia Zhuo Capital lays out a graphitization base with an annual output of 5 and has been put into production in June 2019.

Graphitized carbides account for nearly 50% of the processing cost of artificial graphite. After calculation, we believe that through graphitization, the company can save 3,000?
5000 yuan / ton, so the gross profit margin of continuous materials business can be increased.


5 points.

In 2019Q3, due to the sluggish production and sales of new energy vehicles, market demand decreased, and the price of artificial graphite dropped slightly by 1%.

Due to the launch of graphitization capacity, the company’s profitability increased and its profits increased. In the third quarter of 2019, the company’s net profit1 was returned.

9.5 billion, an annual increase of 13.

1%, an increase of 44 from the previous month.

4%, slightly more than expected.

The artificial graphite faucet is solid as a whole, and the production capacity is steadily expanding.

The company is a leading company in artificial graphite anode materials. In 2018, the company’s long-term material production capacity was 3 replaced, and the replacement amount was 3.

In March, 2019H1 launched 2.

1 Initially, growth is 70 per year.

1%, the volume of artificial graphite ranked first in the industry, and reached full production and sales.

It is expected that the company’s production capacity and added volume will reach 5 tons in 2019, and 10 artificial graphite nanomaterials and supporting graphitization processing capacity will be completed in the next three years.

The company has a superior technology advantage, and its high-end products are higher than the average market price.

The construction of asphalt production lines has been accelerated, and high-quality customers ensure that the production capacity is fully digested.

With the gradual release of the capacity layout of power battery manufacturers, the demand for replacement has increased significantly.

Wet decomposition has gradually become the mainstream technology route of the lithium battery segment market, and the market demand for replacing the segment has increased significantly.

As the largest independent alternative processor in China, the company has completed the construction of a sub-project through a film production base and put it into production. However, the stacked alternative processing capacity is still significantly insufficient.

The company’s consolidated budget processing business started early, and targeted pre-technical research and development, introduced technological advantages to lock in high-quality customers, sustained and stable release of production capacity, and guaranteed profitability.

The gross profit margin incorporated into the business in 2018 was 45.

4%, ranking first in the main business products of the company category.

The main customers of the company’s power lithium battery are CATL, and in the SAIC era, the main customers of consumer batteries are ATL.

Based on a good customer structure and market demand, the company’s combined effective production capacity growth in the next three years will exceed 1 billion square meters.
In the third quarter of 2019, the oligopoly pattern of power batteries appeared. The market share of CATL exceeded 60%. The company fully benefited from the good cooperation with CATL to achieve steady growth in business performance.

Company 8.
With 700 million convertible bonds approved, the pressure on financial costs will be eased.

2019Q1-3 company financial expenses 7008.

90,000 yuan, an increase of 108 in ten years.

6%, the financial expense ratio is 2%, and the growth rate is 0 in ten years.

54 pct, the rapid growth of financial expenses has adversely affected the company’s performance.

On October 25, 2019, the company publicly issued 8.

The approval of the 700 million convertible bonds application will effectively alleviate the pressure on the company’s financial expenses and improve the profit level.

The company’s capacity for permanent materials and asphalt replacement has increased rapidly, but due to the rapid development of business scale, the company’s capacity utilization has reached saturation.

The 杭州桑拿网 company raised a convertible bond for a high-safety lithium-ion battery functional coating coating production base construction project, with an annual output of 3

The proportion of the funds raised by the convertible bonds used for the above two projects to the proportion of the raised funds was 76.

44%, the amount of convertible bonds used for the above projects accounted for 66% of the total investment amount of the project.

63%, the promotion of investment projects will play a key role in the company’s capacity expansion.

Investment suggestion: The company’s graphitization capacity is put in place, and the pressure on production cost of supplementary materials is alleviated. The capacity of replacement and repeated materials is accelerating, and performance continues to improve.

What do we expect the company 2苏州桑拿网019?
The operating income in 2021 will be 48.

200 million, 68.

3 ppm and 84.

50,000 yuan, the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 7, respectively.

100 million, 9.

400 billion and 12.

20,000 yuan, the budget income is 1.

64 yuan, 2.

17 yuan and 2.

8 yuan, corresponding to PE is 32, 24, 18 respectively.

Give “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: New energy vehicle policy risks, fluctuations in the prices of major raw materials, delaying the production line under construction

[Effects of fried black sesame]_ cooked _ benefits

[Effects of fried black sesame]_ cooked _ benefits

Everyone should have eaten black sesame, but many people do n’t really understand the nutrients in it. In fact, black sesame is a very rich nutrient for our human body.Fried food will make the nutrients better, because try not to eat too much, because black sesame also contains more interactions, which will cause too much.

5. Sesame lignans Sesame lignans are the main bioactive substances in sesame.

Lignans (lignans) are a class of phytoestrogens found in plants. They are named because they are found earlier and distributed in the xylem and resin of plants.

Sesame lignans include a variety of types, mainly sesamin and sesame lin. Sesamin accounts for more than half of the total sesame lignan content.

Sesame lignan has excellent biological activity and unique mechanism of action.

A large number of studies have shown that sesamin has a strong antioxidant capacity, can also reduce serum insulin levels, especially significantly reduce the arteriosclerosis risk factor LDL-C (low density lipoprotein). In addition, sesame lignans protect the liver and reduce blood sugarIt also has a good effect in controlling blood pressure, regulating immunity and suppressing tumors.

6. The natural pigment of sesame melanin is safe and non-toxic. It has attracted more and more attention. Among the developed natural pigments, red, yellow, green and other varieties are diversified, blue is replaced, and black is extremely scarce.

Black sesame melanin, referred to as zhizhi melanin, is a biological macromolecule that mainly includes zhizhi melanin Ⅰ with a relatively long molecular weight and zhizhi melanin Ⅱ with a small molecular weight, both of which belong to the catechol type natural melanin.

Chitosan has a strong anti-oxidant effect, especially its ability to remove hydroxyl radicals (· OH), which are relatively harmful to the human body, thereby improving its life and delaying aging.

In addition, the content of black sesame supplement fiber is also quite rich, accounting for nearly 20% of the mass proportion, which has also become an important reason for sesame laxative.

Harvesting and storage: The fruits are harvested from August to September when they are yellow and black. The whole plant is cut, bundled into small handles, the top is up, dried, the seeds are smashed, removed and then dried.

Function Indications: nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing essence and blood, moistening intestines.

[2]Used for dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, premature whitening, hair loss after illness, dry bowel and constipation.

Excerpt: “Chinese Pharmacopoeia” Other consumption methods: 1. Sesame honey cake with 100 grams of black sesame, 150 grams of honey, 200 grams of corn flour, 500 grams of white flour, 2 eggs, baking powder 1.

5 grams.

First, grind the black sesame seeds and mix them with corn flour, honey, flour, egg liquid, baking powder, add water and form dough, and heat and ferment at 35 ° C.


After 2 hours, steam in the drawer for 20 minutes.

It has the effects of strengthening the stomach, protecting the liver and promoting the growth of red blood cells.

2, black sesame paste with black sesame, 60 grams each of mulberry, 30 grams of rice, 10 grams of sugar.

Wash the rice, black sesame, and mulberry separately, and mash them in a stone bowl. Put 3 bowls of water in the casserole, add sugar after boiling, and then slowly mix the mashed rice milk into a paste.

This paste nourishes the liver and kidneys, moistens the internal organs, expels rheumatism, clears deficiency fire, and often wears out after treatment.

[Where is the most comfortable to caress a woman]_Female

[Where is the most comfortable to caress a woman]_Female

When couples stay together for a long time, their passion will gradually decrease.

Sometimes, simply kissing and stroking the sexual organs does not quickly stimulate their desire.

According to British media reports, sex experts at the University of Groningen Hans in the Netherlands point out that smart men should constantly learn new sexual skills.

For example, a woman’s back is a sensitive area that many people have not yet discovered.

Sexologist surveys have found that many women say that their backs are very sensitive and that it is easier to get irritation than to stimulate the breasts and thighs.

Further research by scientists has found that stroking the top of a woman’s spine makes her body softer than touching the left side.

It turned out that there are abundant nerve endings on the right side of the spine, between the ribs and the waist. These nerves stimulate the brain and make it easier for women to “think about it.”

It should be noted that when stimulating the back, whether it is kissing or touching, the technique must be coherent, not in one place for too long.

In addition, the lower abdomen is also a site that cannot be ignored.

Sometimes, touching the navel can produce unexpected results.

[A glass of water makes you cold, unique!

[A glass of water makes you cold, unique!

In winter, many people, especially women, the elderly, and those who are physically weak, are likely to have a situation: hands and feet are cold, and the air is soaked from the inside to the outside. It ca n’t be covered by how to cover it.

Ejiao is not effective.

As the saying goes, “Twelve Diseases, Nine Colds” and “Sickness Comes from Colds”, if you or the body around you is cold, you must not take care, and you must adjust in time!

Cold hands and feet is not just cold, the harm of cold constitution is inestimable!

Cold is easy: Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, even infertility / sleep disorder / psychological depression / frostbite / rheumatic disease, gastroenteritis / cold cold often cold is a symptom caused by the alternation of physical constitution and lifestyle, which causes the coldThe main reasons are: (a) why women with blood circulation disorders are more likely to be colder than men?

It is because women are prone to anemia.

Anemia is due to insufficient circulating blood volume or low levels of heme and red blood cells.

(2) Insufficient Yang Qi Traditional Chinese medicine believes that cold hands and feet are a kind of “autism”. The so-called closedness is not accessible. It is affected by cold weather or coldness of the body.Cold.

(3) Hormonal changes caused by menstruation and breeding In the crowd with cold hands and feet, women account for the population.

This is a hormonal change that affects the nervous system causing subcutaneous vasoconstriction and reduced blood flow, which can cause chills.

(D) Disease factors: Excessive mental stress, over-sensitivity, over-exertion, and often restless people are also at high risk of hand-foot-cold fever.

If it is not prevented in time, it will lead to mental illness and chills.

Long-term cold hands and feet may cause frostbite of hands and feet in winter.

It is also related to diseases such as rheumatism and stomach.


[Can I drink coffee with a cold medicine_Can I drink coffee with a cold medicine_Can I drink coffee with a cold medicine]

[Can I drink coffee with a cold medicine_Can I drink coffee with a cold medicine_Can I drink coffee with a cold medicine]

We know that when people have a cold, we generally do n’t recommend him to continue drinking caffeine. Caffeine in coffee may cause cold symptoms to worsen, but some people have formed a habit of drinking coffee and still drink coffee when they have a cold, Even taking cold medicine at the same time.

There are many types of cold medicines, and some medicines may react to drinking coffee and cause alternatives.

So, can I drink coffee with a cold medicine?

1. It is not appropriate to take coffee other than cold medicine. Medical experts recommend that you should not take coffee other than cold medicine, and do not use coffee to deliver it, otherwise stomachache may easily occur.

What’s more serious is that drinking a cold can be fatal.

For coffee, more attention should be paid to the reaction with drugs.

The most important thing to watch out for is ephedrine, which has a nerve-stimulating effect.

If coffee is added, its effect will be greatly enhanced, which will cause the symptoms of “overdosage”.

Cold medicines containing ephedrine are very common, some Contec, white plus black and so on.

2. Cold medicine and coffee affect people’s health. If you drink coffee after taking a cold medicine, you will experience symptoms of blood sugar and stomachache, even for people who already have the habit of drinking coffee every day.

Why is this?

Because anti-cold medicine is generally a compound preparation, there are antipyretic analgesics, vasoconstrictor drugs, antitussive and expectorants, antihistamines, central stimulants and so on.

If the anti-cold medicine you take contains antipyretic analgesics and central stimulant caffeine, because these substances have a stimulating effect on the gastric mucosa, after drinking coffee, because the caffeine in coffee aggravates the gastric mucosaThe stimulus caused an increase in adverse reactions, so it is not surprising that stomach problems occur.

3. It is not advisable to drink alcohol after anti-cold medicine. Many anti-cold medicine instructions will indicate that there may be adverse reactions of gastrointestinal replacement after taking this medicine. Therefore, it is not advisable to take coffee besides cold medicine, and patients with gastric ulcer.When taking cold medicine, pay attention to see if it contains caffeine, it is best not to take cold medicine containing caffeine.

In addition, after taking anti-cold medicine, it is not advisable to drink alcohol and add Chinese alcoholic beverages.

In addition, overdose studies have shown that drinking coffee during a cold can be fatal.

Because cold and cold medicines commonly contain phenylpropanolamine, when taken with high-content caffeine products, it can increase the maximum blood concentration by three times, which may lead to a sharp rise in blood pressure and a serious situation that is more fatal.

[What to eat to speed up the brain_High school students to eat to strengthen the brain]

[What to eat to speed up the brain_High school students to eat to strengthen the brain]

Brain supplementation is the most critical in the child’s growth stage, so they need to eat some good brain supplement products, including vitamins, proteins and other nutrients needed by the body, and the most brain supplement items are fish, dark green leavesVegetables, garlic, eggs, beans and their products, and to ensure a balanced nutrition, pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, so that they can better help their brain.

What high school students eat to supplement the brain are the top foods that are good for nutrition and supplement the brain.

Eat more digestible and nutritious foods in your diet, ensure enough protein, supplement some vitamin B, vitamin C foods, and choline supplementary foods such as apricots, bananas, grapes, oranges, fish, vegetables, etc.There are also certain possibilities.

The metabolism of dark green leafy protein foods produces a substance called cysteine, which is not harmful to the body itself, but excessive levels can cause cognitive impairment and cardiovascular disease.

And once the cysteine is oxidized, the vascular wall of the metabolic arteries produces toxic and side effects.

Vitamin B6 or B12 can prevent cysteine-like oxidation, and dark green leafy vegetables have the highest vitamin content.

Fish aunt contains omega-3 fatty acids that have a protective effect on the nervous system, which helps to strengthen the brain.

Studies have shown that people who eat at least one meal a week of fish, especially salmon, sardines, and herrings, have a much lower incidence of dementia than people who rarely eat fish.

Eating fish also helps to strengthen nerve cell activity, which improves learning and memory.

The best way to improve your body’s ability to absorb nutrients is with whole wheat products and coarse rice.

Alkaline rice contains various vitamins that are essential for maintaining cognitive ability.

Among them, vitamin B6 is most effective in reducing cysteine levels.

The main energy source of garlic brain activity is glucose. To make glucose work as it should, a sufficient amount of vitamin B1 is required.

Garlic itself does not contain a large amount of vitamin B1, but it can enhance the effect of vitamin B1, because garlic can produce a substance called “alliamine” with B1, and the effect of alliamine is far greater than the strong content of vitamin B1.

Therefore, proper consumption of garlic can promote the conversion of glucose into brain energy.

The protein contained in eggs is one of the finest proteins in natural foods. It is an amino acid required by the human body. In addition to lecithin, egg yolk is still rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamins A, D, and B.Wait, engaged in edible for mental workers.

Legumes and their products require high-quality protein and eight essential amino acids, all of which help enhance the function of the cerebral blood vessels.

In addition, it also contains lecithin, rich in vitamins and other minerals, which is especially suitable for mental workers.

Soybean meal contains 85% and 5% unsaturated fatty acids, among which linolenic acid and linoleic acid have a lot of content. They have the function of lowering cholesterol in the human body, and it is especially beneficial for middle-aged and elderly brain workers to prevent and control cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Modern research on walnuts and sesame found that these two substances are very nutritious, especially high in unsaturated fatty acids.

Therefore, eating them often can provide the brain with sufficient unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid to eliminate impurities in blood vessels and improve brain function.

In addition, walnuts contain a large amount of vitamins, which are very effective in treating neurosis, insomnia, relaxing nervous tension of the brain, and eliminating brain fatigue.