[Can potato skin boil water?]_ Effect_Efficacy

[Can potato skin boil water?]_ Effect_Efficacy

Everyone wants to have smooth black hair, smooth black hair will give people points, but our hair will change the time shift, and slowly become white hair, if full of white hair, You will have a special lack of spirit, and it will make you feel that you are very old. In life, we often eat potatoes. It is said that potato skin can be dyed by boiling water, so let’s take a look with Xiaobian.

How to dye hair with potato skin Wash and peel two potatoes, and then put the skin into a proper amount of water to boil. The ratio of water to skin is about 2: 1. After boiling, you can filter the skin and leave only water.Just cool.

Follow the normal steps to wash your hair. After doing the shampooing step, dry your hair, and then slowly pour it into the hair with potato peel water, or use a special brush to brush your hair, leave it for a while, and rinse.Just do it again.

The principle of potato skin boiled water for hair dyeing is based on the principle of browning potatoes. Potatoes contain tyrosine, tyrosinase, which produces melanin under the action of oxygen, which can dye hair blackAlready.

But this kind of hair dyeing effect does not last long, it will dissolve after rain.

However, because it is pure and non-hazardous, and the effect is not bad, everyone does not prevent it from trying, it is much safer than the chemical hair dye in the barber shop.

What is the effect of potato skin boiling hair?

It is really fatal to have white hair. If you are fed up with the chemicals of the hair dye, but you still want to have a black and beautiful replacement, the water made from potato skin can become your natural hair dye!

First, peel out about a cup of potato peel.

Then pour two cups of water, boil the potato skins in boiling water with a 1: 2 ratio of potato skins and water, and soak for 5 minutes until it cools.

Soak the potato skins in water and take water.

Now is the time to verify the magic?
After normal shampooing, ordinary people can wash it off with normal water first, then wipe it dry with a towel, and then use potato peel water as the second rinse.

Then brush up like this!

Regardless of whether this natural potato peel water is really effective, I feel that it has always relied on things like hair dyes, which are not harmful to the human body.

[Can hemorrhoids eat eggs]_Hemorrhoids_Chicken_Can you eat

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[33% whole wheat toast practice]_33% whole wheat toast home practice _33% whole wheat toast practice Daquan _33% whole wheat toast how to do

[33% whole wheat toast practice]_33% whole wheat toast home practice _33% whole wheat toast practice Daquan _33% whole wheat toast how to do

When you see someone’s table full of delicious food every day, you may see a special mouthful in the future.

At this time you will definitely be disappointed that you or the people around you will not cook.

In fact, cooking can be learned by yourself. It is not as difficult as you think. The following is an introduction to the practice of 33% whole wheat toast. Hurry up and start learning 2.

Take out the dough and shape it into toasts.



5 inches (670 grams) of toast mold, second fermentation for 90 minutes, until the finger presses back slowly.

Hair is so high 3.

Bake it in a preheated 350F (175C) oven for 45 to 60 minutes. If the temperature inside the oven is uneven, you must turn the mold 180 degrees to eat as food. Eating is a major event in our life, so eating healthierFor the important 33% whole wheat toast introduced to you today, the method is easy to learn, the steps are simple, hurry to the kitchen at home to show your skills.

Linglong Tire (601966): It plans to publicly issue 2 billion more funds to accelerate the construction of Jingmen Project

Linglong Tire (601966): It plans to publicly issue 2 billion more funds to accelerate the construction of Jingmen Project

Investment highlights: Company announcement: The company plans to publicly issue additional A shares, the total number of shares does not exceed 100 million shares, and the size of the raised funds does not exceed 2 billion, of which 1.4 billion US dollars will be used for Jingmen’s annual production of 8 million sets of semi-steel and 1.2 million sets of all-steelTire project, $ 600 million to supplement working capital.

The issue of the public additional issue has been approved by the company’s board of directors, and still needs to be approved by the shareholders’ general meeting and the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

This issuance is a public offering to unspecified objects. The two will assign a preferential placement to all shareholders of the company registered on the distribution registration day after the market closes. The placement ratio is authorized by the board of directors and its authorized personnel at the general meeting of shareholders.Institutional consensus is determined.

The issue price of this additional issue is not lower than the average price of the company’s stocks on the 20 trading days before the announcement of the prospectus or the average price of the company’s stocks on the previous trading day.

  The funds raised will be invested in the Jingmen factory, which will break through the expansion of production capacity and expand market share.

With the rapid development of the domestic automobile industry, the domestic automobile ownership has steadily increased, and by the end of 2019, the automobile ownership has reached 2.

600 million vehicles, an increase of 8 at the end of 18 years.


The growth of the automobile market has driven the company’s tire production and sales to continue to grow. In the past three years, the company’s production capacity has been maintained at a high level, and the problem of insufficient production capacity has gradually emerged.

In order to strengthen the company’s mass scale, the company built 5 production bases in China and 3 production bases overseas in accordance with the “5 + 3” strategy.

  The funds raised from this additional issue will be invested in the fourth domestic production base-Jingmen Base.

According to the feasibility study report released by the Air Force Company, the Jingmen plant will form a total capacity of 12 million sets of semi-steel tires, 2.4 million sets of all-steel tires, and 60,000 sets of engineering tires. The project is divided into three phases and the total investment is about 5.4 billion.yuan.

The 8 million sets of semi-steel and 1.2 million sets of all-steel invested in this raised fund are the first two phases of the plant, with a total investment of about 3.1 billion yuan.

The additional funds raised in this issue will accelerate the construction of the first two phases of the project and lay a good foundation for the third phase of the project.

In addition, the additional issuance and reorganization optimized the company’s capital structure. As of September 30, 2019, the company’s assets and liabilities replaced 57.

75%. The use of funds raised through this issuance to supplement liquidity can improve the ability to repay short-term debt, reduce the level of debt ratios, and improve the ability to resist risks.

  The Jingmen plant and the Serbian plant will be the main driving force for the company’s performance growth in the next two years.

In 2019, the company benefited from the release of production in Thailand and the Liuzhou plant, as 南宁桑拿 well as the increase in the gross profit margin of tires caused by the decline in raw material prices. The company’s net profit increased and the company achieved operating income of 125 in the first three quarters of 19.

09 million yuan (+13 compared with the same period last year).

26%), net profit attributable to mother 12.

1.4 billion (+ 37% YoY).


The company’s output growth from 2020-2021 will be mainly contributed by the Jingmen plant and the Serbian plant. In late November 2019, the first full-steel tire at the Jingmen plant was rolled off the production line; in mid-January 2020, the first semi-steel at the Jingmen plantTires are off the assembly line. One million full-steel tires and 3.5 million sets of semi-steel tires in the first phase of the project are in trial production. It is expected to 西安耍耍网 contribute to production from mid-2020; according to the company’s plan, the Jingmen factory will be completed in May 2021 and all civil works will be completed.Engineering and production equipment installation.

Among them, the first two phases of the project are expected to achieve an annual sales income of 21 after reaching production.

63 ppm, net profit1.

9.6 billion.

The Serbian project also laid the foundation stone laying ceremony in March 2019. The factory plans to form an annual production capacity of 12 million sets of semi-steel tires, 1.6 million sets of all-steel tires, 20,000 sets of engineering tires and agricultural radial tires. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.Will be put into production.

The successive commissioning of Jingmen and Serbian factories will become the company’s continuous growth driver.

  Supporting market news spreads frequently and continues to strengthen brand building.

In January 2020, Germany’s MAN Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. conducted an on-site audit of Thailand’s Linglong. Eventually, Thailand’s Linglong all-steel tire factory passed the audit and successfully entered its supplier system.

Mann’s commercial vehicle products cover medium / heavy / super heavy trucks, special vehicles, city buses, and luxury vehicles. It is a world-class commercial vehicle brand.

Thailand Linglong successfully entered the Mann supporting system, which confirms that Thailand Linglong has developed in the past ten years and has reached international advanced levels in technology research and development, quality management, and timely delivery.

At the same time, this has also accelerated the internationalization of the brand for Linglong Tire, which has broken a solid foundation for high-end.

With the company’s continued deep cultivation and innovation in core technology research and development, emerging market development, brand value building, and diversified after-sales service, the company is gradually entering first-class automobile factories such as Audi, Volkswagen, GM, Ford, Renault Nissan, Red Flag, Geely, Great Wall and otherSupporting supply system.

In 2020, the company’s supporting system will continue to march into high-end models, and further increase the share of existing customers, increase the sales of supporting markets, increase product added value, and strengthen the leading position in the industry.

  Profit forecast and investment grade: Maintain the company’s profit forecast for 2019-2021, and expect to realize net profit attributable to mothers.

00, 17.

80, 20.10ppm, corresponding to PE 18X / 16X / 15X, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Marubeni (603983): New Share Inquiry Report

Marubeni (603983): New Share Inquiry Report

Since its establishment, the company has been mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production, sales and service of various cosmetics.

At present, it has three brands: “Marubei”, “Chunji” and “Lianhuo”.

The company’s products use differentiated brand positioning to meet the needs of consumers of different ages, consumer preferences, and consumption levels. They have widely competed with domestic and foreign cosmetic brands in second- and third-tier cities.

The company adopts a sales model mainly based on the distribution model, supplemented by the direct sales and consignment sales models, and has established a sales network covering multiple channels such as department store counters, beauty salons, daily chemical stores, e-commerce and supermarkets.

(1) Since its inception, the company has focused on the research of eye skin, and is committed to developing high-quality eye care products based on the world’s leading technology.

Marubeni has become a domestic eye skin care brand with certain competition and influence, and has won multiple honors.

(2) After years of development and precipitation, the company has established a nationwide sales model that focuses mainly on distribution, supplemented by direct sales and agency sales, covering daily chemical stores, department stores, beauty salons, e-commerce and supermarkets.Channels have developed regional distributors with stable financial cooperation and considerable marketing and management 深圳桑拿网 capabilities.

Through these distributors, the company indirectly owns multiple terminal network resources.

The company has huge terminal outlets to fully collect the actual needs of consumers and carry out targeted product development. The distribution of follow-up outlets is in line with the company’s main participation in market competition in second-, third-, and lower-tier cities, which can significantly enhance the company’s product market competition.Power, so companies must be able to quickly deliver products to demanding regions.

(3) The company continues to develop product development. With accurate analysis and judgement of market demand, the company has combined new products with seasonal factors and increasingly developed cosmetics production technology and quality requirements.

The company conducts quality control of raw materials, packaging and finished products according to international standards. The products meet or exceed Japanese and European Union standards. The supply of raw materials for products has achieved a global procurement model. Alternatives include BASF in Germany, Dow in the United States, Xianting in France, SEPPIC in France, and Yimaru in Japan.South Korea’s BIOLAND and other international manufacturers of raw materials, and establish long-term strategic cooperative relations with international raw material manufacturers.

China Southern Airlines (600029) Annual Report Comments: Non-oil Costs Controlled, Core Profit Drops Slightly

China Southern Airlines (600029) Annual Report Comments: Non-oil Costs Controlled, Core Profit Drops Slightly

Event: The company achieved revenue of 1436 in 2018.

23 ppm, +12 a year.

7%; net profit attributable to mother 29.

83 megabits, at least -49.


Of which 18Q4 revenue was 347.

300 million, ten years +10.

8%; net profit attributable to mother -11.

9 trillion, compared with -11 in the same period last year.


The passenger load factor has increased steadily in 18 years, and the unit income has increased slightly.

2018 company ASK + 12.

04%, RPK + 12.

35%, the annual load factor reached 82.

44%, rising by 0 every year.


Of which: domestic flights ASK and RPK increased by 11 respectively.

22%, 11.

56%, load factor increased by 0.

25pct to 82.


International flights ASK and RPK increased significantly, with growth rates of 13 respectively.

86%, 14.

23%, load factor rose 0.

26pct to 81.


The company’s passenger kilometer revenue is 0.

49 yuan, up 1% a year.

At the end of 18, the company ‘s fleet size was 840, with a maximum net increase of 86. The company expects a net increase of 69, 63, and 26 aircraft in 19-21.

Non-oil costs are well controlled, and the cost of deducting oil per unit of ASK decreased by 4.


The potential increase in oil distribution in 2018 was 31%, resulting in the company’s aviation fuel cost +34.

6%, the company took active measures to reduce non-oil costs, the unit ASK non-oil costs -4.

1%, leading the same decline in the industry.

The company’s sales expense ratio / administrative expense ratio decreased by 0 respectively.

5pct / 0.

2pct, cost and expenses are well controlled.

Net non-deductible net profit decreased slightly by 3% each year, and the industry’s prosperity improved.18 years of RMB depreciation against the US dollar5.

5%, the company’s exchange loss was 17.

4.2 billion.

The company’s latest dollar debt accounted for 26.

6%, exchange rate sensitivity reduced to 1% fluctuation of RMB, net profit fluctuation 1.

950,000 yuan.

In 18 years, China Southern Airlines deducted non-deductible net profit of 36.

300 million, down slightly by 3%.

The current oil sinks factors are stable, the Boeing incident has affected industry supply, the industry’s peak season elasticity coefficient, and the prosperity has increased.

Investment suggestion: We are optimistic that the company’s domestic line accounts for a high proportion and the fare flexibility is 佛山夜网论坛 high. The 19-year performance is expected to improve significantly.

The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.

71, 0.

92, 1.

11 yuan, corresponding PE is 12x, 9x, 8x, maintaining the “buy” level.

Risk warning: The macro economy has grown sharply, crude oil prices have increased sharply, and exchange rate fluctuations have intensified.

[Can you eat fish to lose weight]_ Eat fish _ Can you

[Can you eat fish to lose weight]_ Eat fish _ Can you

In the process of weight loss, people usually have high dietary requirements, and they will not eat some foods that contain high fat and fat. These foods will affect the effect of their weight loss. Some people even choose to diet and lose weight, butThis method is not advisable, as it will hurt your own recovery path, or you should match your diet reasonably. You can usually eat some fish in your life.

Many people think that as long as you diet, you can lose weight, but it is not.

Because food contains different transient states, eating does not necessarily inevitably shift more, eating less does not necessarily translate into less fluctuation.

For example, eating 35 grams of steamed bread is the same as 70 grams of sweet potatoes and 120 grams of potatoes.

This reminds us that when choosing a food, a weight-loss person can be full without losing weight once they eat a large volume of food and transition to a low one.

Among all kinds of vegetables, melon, cucumber, cabbage, beans, etc. have the lowest trace content. To obtain the same weight loss effect, eating two servings of this vegetable is the same as eating one serving of lentils or garlic.

If you want to choose ravioli, taro or the like, just half a serving is enough.

Among fruits, watermelon has the biggest weight loss effect.

Eating 200 grams of pears, peaches, apples, bananas, citrus, etc. will yield the same transformation as eating 750 grams of watermelon.

The trace amount of dried fruit is much higher than that of fresh fruit.

Therefore, dieters should not eat too much dried fruits such as dried apricots or raisins.

Eating more fish is more beneficial than losing weight, especially cooked meat.

Eating 120 grams of fish and 50 grams of lean meat or 25 grams of sausage will give you just as much.

From the perspective of weight loss, the order of division of fish is: fish is divided into chicken, chicken and beef, and mutton.

Nutritionists’ evaluation of meat is that four legs are not as good as two legs, and two legs are not as good as no legs.

Beans have the lowest speed, so soy products are the food of choice for dieters.

It’s also a good idea to replace soybeans with soy products as snacks.

The key to losing weight is to reduce transient absorption.

Therefore, choose some vegetable and fiber extracts of comprehensive vegetable and fruit extracts with large volume and low content, which can well reduce appetite control, you can eat a full stomach and lose weight.

The next part of the food conversion formula: 10 grams of pickled oil = 250 grams of peanuts, seeds = 25 grams of rice or noodles = 50 grams of lean meat = 120 grams of potatoes = 120 grams of fish = 150 grams of tofu = 200 grams of fruit = 500 gramsArtemisia annua = 750 grams of watermelon.

[Can peanut sprouts be eaten]_Budding_Can you eat

[Can peanut sprouts be eaten]_Budding_Can you eat

Many people find that when peanuts are left for too long, they will grow large peanut sprouts. These peanut sprouts cannot be eaten, because if there is moldy decay, it means that there is a carcinogen in it and it will be poisoned after eating.In addition, if it is just peanuts with no moldy teeth, these places can be eaten, and peanut sprouts have higher nutritional value than peanuts, and the price will be more expensive.

First of all, we must realize that moldy and rotten peanuts contain aflatoxin, which is carcinogenic and cannot be eaten.

In fact, peanuts that are only germinated and not moldy are edible.

In some places, peanut sprouts will appear like bean sprouts, thus changing the flavor to a unique alternative.

Third, the reason why peanut germination can be eaten is controversial, because many times, germination is accompanied by mildew.

Old peanuts do not pay attention to maintaining a dry environment during storage. Peanuts are very easy to absorb water and mold and germinate.

After understanding these three points, you can judge whether you can eat.

It is edible if it is artificially sprouted (just like sprouts).

However, if it is caused by mildew or germination caused by being left for too long, it is absolutely not allowed to eat.

I personally recommend not to eat peanuts sprouted in the soil, it is likely that mildew has already occurred.

Production method (1
) The seeds should be selected to produce peanuts of the same year. When the seeds are hulled, the diseased grains, pupae, and broken grains are removed, leaving large seeds, full grains, fresh color, smooth skin, and uniform shape.

(2) Seed soaking can start to germinate only when the water absorption of the peanut seeds reaches more than 40% of its weight.

Soaking time should not be too long, soaking seeds in warm water at 20 ℃ for 12?

After soaking seeds, wash them in clean water?
2 times.

(3) Germinated peanut kernels cannot germinate at 10 ° C. The optimum germination temperature is 25?
30 ℃ at 3?
After 4 days, the germination rate can reach 95%.

When germinating, use shallow flat mouth plastic mesh containers or plastic seedling trays. The thickness of the seeds should not exceed 4 cm.
3 times, soak the water every time, so as not to cause too many seeds to rot.

(D) secondary germination in the first germination 2?
After 3d, the seeds that promote the germination are selected once, the non-germinated seeds are removed, and the germinated seeds are germinated twice. The suitable temperature is 20?
25 ° C.

If the temperature is too high, the growth is fast, but the buds are weak and easy to age; if the temperature is too low, the growth is slow, and the buds or cotyledons open and lobed when the time is long.

Seedling trays are stacked, every 5 dishes is a stack, and an empty tray is placed on the top. The empty trays are covered with wet sacks or black films to moisturize.

Dripping water every day?
4 times, until the seeds in the seedling tray are drenched, the brake takes away the heat of breathing, and ensures the moisture and oxygen required for the peanut to germinate.

Water cannot accumulate in the dish to avoid rotten seeds.

It can be harvested after 7d.

The peanut buds remain dark during the growth. After seeding, the seedlings are folded up, covered with a black film to block the light, and a layer of wood is pressed on the buds to give the buds a certain pressure.

(5) When collecting and receiving buds, the radicle first expands to break through the seed coat, and at the same time, the embryonic axis also extends upward and becomes thicker.

The consumption standard is: root length is 0.

5cm, milky white, without roots.

Hypocotyl ivory white, 1 long.

About 5cm, thick 0.

5 cm.

The seed coat is not cleared, the seed coat is peeled off, and the milky white, slightly brownish-brown stippled thick cotyledons can be seen. Under normal circumstances, generally 3 kg of fruit buds can be produced per 1 kg of seeds.

[Is there any effect after ginseng is frozen]_ginseng_freezing storage_harm

[Is there any effect after ginseng is frozen]_ginseng_freezing storage_harm

The nourishing effect of ginseng is very great, but you ca n’t eat too much, so you have to leave a lot of it. At this time, you can cool it down. If it is dry ginseng, you can use a desiccant, glutinous rice sugar, cold storage, and sun exposure, etcIf it is ginseng, it can be stored in the refrigerator, oxide moss, sand, and carton.

First, how to save dry ginseng 1. Store a desiccant in a highly sealed container, preferably with low light transmission, and put a desiccant at the bottom of the container, such as charcoal, silicone, etc. The purpose is to keep the container of ginsengDry. Remember to pack hydrogen ginseng in paper before putting it into the container, then seal it. This will prevent the ginseng from being damaged and moldy.

2. Save the glutinous rice granulated sugar. Find a sealed container. Sprinkle about 3 cm of white granulated sugar under the container. Then fry the glutinous rice. Wrap the ginseng with the cooked glutinous rice before putting it in the bottom.Keep the sugar container tightly sealed!

This method is very suitable for families to preserve ginseng for a long time.

3. If the ginseng that has been dried is stored at low temperature, it should be packed in plastic directly without leakage, and then placed in the refrigerator storage cabinet. If the ginseng is not dried, put it in the refrigerator freezer and wait for freezing.After drying, add it to the storage cabinet.

4. Preservation in the sun. For ginseng that has been infested, moldy ginseng should first remove the worms, eggs and molds, wash them with water, and then directly expose them to the sun until they are completely dry. Seal them with plastic bags!

If there are still friends in the family who have not eaten the ginseng and put it casually, quickly follow the instructions above to save it.

Second, how to save fresh ginseng 1, preservation in the refrigerator This is a method widely used by ordinary families.

Sprinkle a bit of water appropriately before storing, then wrap it in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator.

At the same time, pierce the plastic bag with several small holes, and it can be stored for two months.

2. Formaldehyde and moss preservation This is a method to preserve ginseng in the shade.

Put ginseng and carbides into the box or container in a layer-by-layer manner, spray enough water, and can be stored for one week.

3. Preservation in the sand This is a way to preserve ginseng for a long time in autumn.

Properly moisten the sand and bury the ginseng layer by layer in a clean sand pile, which can be stored for more than 1 month.

4. Keep in the carton Put the ginseng in the carton made of horse dung paper, and place it in a warehouse or basement without much climate change.

This way, you can save from autumn to winter.

[Spicy fried river shrimp]_Spicy practice_How to make

[Spicy fried river shrimp]_Spicy practice_How to make

In the daily diet, prawns are a relatively common hydroacoustic product. The taste of prawns is tender and rich in nutritional value. As a result, a large amount of protein and a variety of calcium elements are often better for the body, and spicy and fried.Prawns are also a relatively common practice. Spicy fried prawns are spicy and fragrant, and the method is simple. After cleaning the prawns, put them in dried peppers and seasonings.

The practice of spicy fried river prawns 400 g red peppers, 1 chive, 1 ginger, 1 small piece of garlic, 6 cloves of starch, moderate amount of cooking oil, 500 g (actual consumption of 50 g), soy sauce, 6 g of cooking wine, 1/2 tablespoon of chili sauce  3 grams of pepper, 3 grams of salt, 3 grams of sugar, 3 grams of MSG1.

5 grams of practice 1, cut the shrimp to be sufficient, wash and dry the water, stir in an appropriate amount of starch, and fry it with hot fish; 2. wash the shallots, cut the shallots, peppers, garlic, and ginger and chop them; 3,Leave a proper amount of oil in the pot, stir-fry the minced garlic, chili, ginger, chili sauce, pour in prawns, add cooking wine, soy sauce, pepper, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate to taste; 4, finally sprinkle the shallots and burn until the juiceJust dry it.

Pay attention to the spicy and delicious, delicious wine.


After the shrimps are dried, the starch is not easy to replace, and the oil will not burst when fried.


The prawn meat is sweet and tender, so don’t fry for too long.

Prawn nutrition shrimp is a kind of food with very rich protein and high nutritional value. Among them, vitamin A, carotene and inorganic salt are relatively high, while the trace content is not only low, but also mostly unsaturated fatty acids. It has atherosclerosisAnd the role of coronary heart disease.

In addition, the muscle fibers of the shrimp are relatively thin, the structure of the tissue protein is soft, and the moisture content is too much, so the meat is tender and easy to digest and absorb, which is suitable for patients, the elderly and children.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that prawns are sweet, salty, and warm. They have the effects of appetizing and phlegm, invigorating qi and yang, and nourishing qi and breast milk. They have complications such as kidney deficiency and impotence, soft waist and knees, pain in bones, and hemiplegia caused by stroke.A certain effect.

However, shrimp is a hair product, and people should not eat shrimp when they have sores or yin deficiency.

Shrimp contains protein protein, the content of fresh shrimp is about 18%, the content of dried shrimp is as high as about 50%.

Shrimp are rich in minerals, with 146 mg of calcium, 196 mg of phosphorus, and 3 iron per 100 grams of shrimp.

0 mg, zinc 1.

44 mg.

And per 100 grams of shrimp skin, the calcium content is as high as 1760 mg, and the phosphorus is 1,000 mg.

7 mg.

Modern medical research has confirmed that shrimp has a higher nutritional value, can enhance the body’s immunity and sexual function, nourish kidneys and impotence, and resist premature aging.

Often eat fresh shrimp (fried, roasted, stewed), served with warm wine, can cure tight impotence, chills, body fatigue, waist and knee aches and the like.

If a woman has little or no milk after childbirth, 500 grams of fresh shrimp, grated, and served with rice wine, 3 times a day, even for several days, can play a prolactin effect.